Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
A Briton gunned down in Pattaya early today had a picture on his Facebook page meeting the King of Thailand.

If the picture is genuine it begs the question why. And if it is not it could also answer the question of why he was murdered.

But what is certain is that Tony Kenway, 39, from Southampton was not just an ordinary web designer in Thailand and the answer to his murder will almost certainly come down to who his clients are.

Reports in Thailand have already suggested that in fact he was a web-designer for boiler room fraud operators.  It would explain away the Porsche Cayenne he was about to drive away in when a gun man approached, shot him, and then left on the pillion of a motorcycle - a typical Thai assassination.

He arrived in Thailand from Marbella, Spain, seven years ago, Marbella is the hang out for the Costa del Sol boiler room operators.

British boiler room operators have taken over a large slice of Thailand night entertainment and sex industry for tourists - including the master lease on Nana Plaza in Bangkok, described now as the busiest compact sex complex in the world.

From Kenway's Facebook page - Leo di Caprio in 'Wolf of Wall Street'.

But Pattaya, where Kenway was murdered outside the Sanit Gym, is undoubtedly the world's sex capital. Many British Asian boiler room operators have homes in Pattaya.

If Kenway was indeed a boiler room operator, a major question mark hangs over whether the culprit, or at least the man who hired the assassin, will ever be found.

Boiler room operators in Thailand came to terms with both the military and police, who share in the spoils, years ago and it is an expensive relationship as readers of this site will know.

The pictures of him with the Crown Prince on his website is almost an advertisement saying 'nobody can touch me'.

Even mention of the name of the King of Thailand, now King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun, the 10th monarch of the Chakri dynasty,or (for short Rama X) in the wrong context can mean a heft spell in prison.

With his Thai wife Pans


Unknown said...

Andrew, for those of us that have spent any length of time in Thailand we pretty much know the score on this one. The two cardinal rules are 1. keep your nose clean and 2. don't interfere with someone else's business. Obviously this guy has broken one of those rules and I can guess which one. Thailand is full of shady westerners looking to make a quick buck. God knows you have exposed enough of them (hence your having to leave under rule 2) and the sooner they are all weeded out the better!

David said...

"According to Kenway’s Facebook account, he and his wife, Somporn Kenway, recently had a child.

Somporn told reporters Tuesday that he had no history of conflict with anyone, thought she mentioned he had a “business dispute” with a former company partner."

Andrew Drummond said...

His Thai is unlikely to know his business.

David said...

Will wonders never cease? And as usual, a Thai cop is involved.

"Police plan to question a police lieutenant-colonel from Provincial Police Region 3 who was reportedly close to Kenway and who had bailed the Briton out of Immigration Police custody last December, a high-ranking source at the Royal Thai Police revealed."

Hwy 66 said...

this dude is potrayed as a squeaky clean, John Q citizen, all round good guy. However upstanding charitable citizens aren't usually whacked by some half baked brit and SA hitmen.

Sounds like someone did the world a big solid capping this schmuck.