Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017
Don't lean against the wall


Runaway fraudster and extortionist Drew Noyes has still failed to sell a tasteless Grecian style knocking shop in Thailand indicating there are no suckers to be had or a slump in Thailand's twilight tourist industry.

From his home at 613 Green Valley Drive, Wilmington, North Carolina (which last week he reported burgled so some company or other is going to get a claim)he's again offering the as yet unopened Athena Gentle's Man Club (sic

Some wag asks: 'Has it ever been opened?'

And he replies: 'No, the owner spent some 6 million baht decorating the bar restaurant and building the rooms. Then the owner got called back to his country."

Some mistake here of course. Drew Noyes fled Jomtien after being convicted and while appealing a 2 year jail sentence for extortion.

No need to warn people to stay away from this one. But some sucker might still come alone.

Noyes says he is putting it up on and AGODA. But he boasts with 'short time rooms' the buyer can make six times more.

In another court case in Pattaya before he left Noyes denied being a pimp. I wonder if the following pictures will be going up on to show how he allegedly spent 6 million baht!

He is still claiming the building is the only licensed Gentleman's Club in Pattaya complete with a work permit and one year visa for the buyer.



David said...

That is one classy property. It reeks of class, or at least reeks.

Statmonkey said...

That's fine Italian Carrara Plastic btw. You really could have used the plastic caption for all the pictures and been pretty accurate.

I don't think this is a falsehood. I know of no other Gentle's Man Clubs in Patts or anywhere else for that matter.

The RatShit Kid said...

What on earth is a "Gentle's Man Club?" You honestly couldn't make up this stuff.
Oh and btw, Noise deserves to be in jail simply for wearing that shirt.