Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday, February 04, 2017
A career British child abuser, who was arrested twice in Thailand for suspected offences against children faces life in prison after admitting 45 offences against children, many abroad.

In fact, of those offences, Mark Frost, also as Andrew Tracy, pleaded guilty to nine offences against children in Thailand between 2009 and 2012.

The Thai victims will not be required to give testimony.

Some of his activities in Thailand were exposed on this site and in one case after a complaint in Pattaya from a British resident Lee Booty, Frost/Tracy was allowed to leave a police station on an attempted murder charge of a juvenile within hours of his arrest.

The following day he packed his bags.

The former teacher had twice been given bail by police in Thailand and there was a suspicion of an undercover payment as he could also leave the country freely.

No beard and weightier Mark Frost/Andrew Tracy
 photographed by Lee Booty in
Mark Frost had joined the Paedophile Information Exchange in 1978.

Now the National Crime Agency has set up a hotline believing that there may be more victims out there.

Prosecutor Ruona Iguyovwe said: "Sentence is obviously a matter for the courts but we would rank it as one of the most serious ones we have come across."

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D. Farang said...

Looks like he has Steve Bannon's facial complexion - and manipulation qualities
One's in the White House - the other's in the monkey house

One abuses a nation - the other innocent children

One champions racists - the other utter depravities


same same - but different

D. Farang said...

It'll be a Cold Day in Bloody Hell when Frost changes his despicable stripes..

And (Trump's favorite tool) Bannon too - for that matter..

Frost rapes children - Bannon an entire century of social development

D. Farang said...

"Red" Rats come in all sizes and shapes

Asia Gallery said...

Just leave it pal. You have a gripe with American politics? On Andrew's website? Go and crap somewhere closer to the toilet that you live in.

jules in KL said...

Horrible creature has yet to serve a day in jail as a convict but has been up to this for decades, abusing young boys. (He is on remand in HMP Belmarsh Western Way Thamesmead SE28 0EB, if you would care to write to him)

D. Farang said...

Who the hell are you - Andrew's watch dog? I'm Canadian and in Canada, and we respect refugees, even ones like you. I know, as soon as we let you in - you want to keep the rest of them out.

Go back and play in your racist sandbox little boy. Better yet - move to America and jump on the Bannon bandwagon. You're a garden-variety Breitbart News fan - that tells me all I need to know about those of your ilk.

And while you're groveling at the feet of despots - get educated if you dare. I know - not a chance. Keep your head in the toilet as is your wont - it's your happy place.

D. Farang said...

I'm sure all the boiler room expat scum are inveterate Trump boot lickers like you - go ahead and follow their lead - right into the sewer. It looks good on yah - suits you to a T.

And when you move to America - make sure you go to the deep south, where you can ply your trade more effectively with the "good old Confederate boys" hiding behind their white sheets.

D. Farang said...

Those of Trump's ilk profess nationalism, but it's xenophobia, albeit very thinly disguised. That Thailand has an element of xenophobia makes it relevant to Andrew

Further, Trump's alternate right wing advisor Bannon and his inherent philosophy dovetails not-so-nicely into a xenophobic uprising in France, Germany, and even the U.K. When you do your homework, you will see that "fake news" is disseminated largely from the right. Competent journalists with moral integrity are needed more than ever.

Trouble is, the many alternate right sites like the Rebel and Breitbart News are the very fount of fake news, despite their lame claims to the contrary. And as long as they are getting advertisers, the scam will continue unabated.

Meanwhile, Thailand watches closely. Remember The Kingdom does not take kindly to transparency - and neither does Donald J. Trump.

The moderators on Breitbart News allow radical racism to fester, as like-minded souls do a subliminal circle-jerk in the form of racist and anti-feminism comments, to stoke the fires. Here are a few, with contributor names unchanged

"New Cases of Female Genital Mutilation Reported Every Hour in U.K." February 6, 2017

Comments from Brietbart readers (hard-care Trump supporters):

"Why can't the marching feminists get their panties in a bunch over real abuses like this?" Skinnymulligan

"Democrats love mutilation I guess." Julie

"Fight hard for our support of Trump. Also ammo up - I don't see how this ends well." jakartaman

"Can we get the leftist libtard females on this FGM program... it's so good the bitches tell us!" rostomic

"Bomb Mecca and be done with it." Earl Dumarest

"Mutilation of Muslim girls and at the same time the U.K. has seen a precipitous rise in gang rape of non-Muslim girls in certain areas. I guess this is the kind of 'diversity' those on the left favor." MDS

"Just to be clear, you would be happy to wear a pink hat shaped like a vagina at the dinner table with your female relatives present right?" overdale

"Feminists adore Islamists. Haven't you seen them holding up signs demanding we let more of them in? Nobody ever said they were smart." GAGIRL12

"As in the U.S., it will take decades of hard work to eradicate toxic cultural practices being eagerly imported by government authorities. The Brits now have an opportunity to save themselves. Whether we also do remains to be seen." bh9

"Muslims...Not afraid to die, not afraid of the recriminating stares of their goats, but terrified of a clitoris..." idontknow

"The wrong side won WWII. The Germans would have kept the 3'rd World Hordes out of Europe." The Count of Monte Cristo

And "The Rebel" isn't much better:

"How feminism was used as a 'blunt force tool' to silence opposition"

In conclusion, those that support Trump's edicts frequently by extension largely support Breitbart News and their ilk, else they would speak up against them. The silence is deafening.

Until the silent majority stands up to be counted, we'll keep on getting trumped by closet racists, and those that would have women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Choose your true colors carefully Asia Gallery, then sleep in your bed.

Trollmeister General said...

AD - I hesitate to tell you how to run your blog - well actually I don't. I've not exactly been backwards in coming forward to complain to you about censorship in the past.
But I feel that you have gone too far in publishing D. Farang's 2 diatribes above - both dated 6 Feb.
They should never have been allowed.
I'm not sure what his beef with Bannon is - but what causes me greater concern is that D. Farang is, by his own admission, NOT a supporter of Donald Trump.
Possibly the greatest President of the United States in many decades.
But enough of that wonderful President.
This article is all about a vile individual Mark Frost (or Andrew Tracy).

Trollmeister General said...

AD appears to exercising his unique brand of censorship here, regarding the exchange of views between D. Farang and Asia Gallery.

I will come down firmly on the side of the latter. I fail to see how D. Farang can denigrate D. Bannon in the same breath as talking about Mark Frost / Andrew Tracy.
The 2 men are completely unrelated or connected.

And just what is wrong with being a Trump supporter? In my opinion he will develop into one of greatest Presidents the United States has elected for many a long year.

D. Farang said...

@Asia Gallery - American politics affects Thailand and the world. As you may be aware - andrew is able to accommodate Thai-related issues on his news site - as he sees fit. Mr. Trump is allegedly engendering xenophobia, not-so-cleverly disguised as nationalism.

That Thailand has an element of xenophobia makes the Trump administration reverberate in the Land of Smiles too; be cognizant of that fact if you will.

Allegedly, xenophobia is alive and well in Thailand and is growing around the world - partly due to the Republican victory on November 8, 2016 - by a huge minority.

This is not fake news - allegedly.

have a great day now

The RatShit Kid said...

You are spouting absolute tosh D. Farang and your comments about President Trump cannot, and will not, go unchallenged - IF Mr. Drummond so allows.
(Flattery will get me everywhere).

Let us get one thing crystal clear.
AD's original story was about a vile man whom I can safely call a child abuser, (as opposed to an alleged abuser, because he has admitted to being an abuser).

You, for reasons best known to yourself, have decided to link this convicted felon with members of the new Trump administration.
You have also seen fit to castigate the President himself. I fail to see the connection between a convicted child abuser and the new American administration.

President Trump is the new, democratically elected President of the United States.
He has made it clear that he will put America - and the American people - first.
A laudable aim.
He wants to keep terrorists and criminals out of America and if it means the erection of a wall and the passing of legislation and other measures to achieve that objective, so be it.

President Trump will prove to be a wonderful President, of that I have no doubt, whereas you will remain an insignificant person by comparison.

Oh, and an impoverished one - given that you (by your own admission) were greedy enough to fall victim to boiler room scammers.

D. Farang said...

TG: You have freedom of press being tested by your man - and it's the same in Thailand, only worse. Ever heard of the Thai Navy vs. Or Andy Hall and the fruit company? Facts are not appreciated. There is no First Amendment in Thailand.

Perhaps you cannot connect the dots. I'll bet yah Andrew can, having to flee to get his children into a safer atmosphere, abandoning the excellent Burmese nanny. Perhaps you've never been a journalist in "The Land of Smiles."

And unlike your good self, I agree with U.K. Speaker of the House (John Bercow) when he said yesterday that he'd "refuse to invite the U.S. president to speak at Westminster because of parliament’s long held opposition 'to racism and to sexism.'" Untold millions applaud.

That you disagree with the Speaker's thinly veiled allegations is par for the course. As people worldwide view the ongoing war that Trump is waging on mainstream media (and applaud or shudder - you the former allegedly, me the latter), the concomitant fallout benefits Mr. Putin and Oligarchs everywhere, even mini-oligarchs in Thailand.

Thanks to your guy, we now have "alternative facts," and the best deny and deflect team in living memory. For those that need to rule by force, it's pure manna from heaven, because the watchdog is too busy Making America "Grate Again." Surely you see the connection. Oh well..

Hwy 66 said...

Hey canuck boy (D Farang), here is Steve Bannons CV:
Lets see yours...

I thought so.
(either you are a rambling drunken fool, a**hole....or both!)

Steam Punk said...

I dont think trump bashers dont know why they dont like him except that he won the election, >60,000,000 votes, won the electoral college fair and square. He's got a plan and knows how to work the plan and win. Need to give him a chance to fix the problems in USA, if he fails like all his politically correct predecessors, then you can make it your life to bash him, something like D farang canuck-boy is doing. Time to get a life canuck-boy, try defrosting between the ears. Say hello to trudeau...555

D. Farang said...

The Thai - U.S. - Canada - connection

Given the opportunity sir, it's unclear what percentage of Thai voters would want the status quo in regards to their current Military Government; it's painfully obvious the good General stopped a lot of latent violence between the reds and the yellows - a steaming mess that was about to blow. Saving lives is good.

And over the big pond, Mr. Trump won with about 25% of eligible voters supporting him (Clinton garnered about 27%, or 2.9 million more votes than your guy). Wow - what a small mandate! No wonder the Trump supporters are so angry in "victory." The world has never seen such sore winners. Why exactly is that Steam Punk? Note I am not a Clinton fan , so you need not deflect there - as per the tired old norm.

It's been reported time and again that Trump supporters are less educated (Try spinning and deflecting that one). Much research (albeit with inherent human bias) confirms it. You prove it pretty much every time you post (I'm just kidding you; relax - and smile).

Meanwhile the Thai government watches Mr. Trump with a measure of fixation - as their intrinsic interests allegedly coincide with Trump's in a big way - extreme nationalism bordering on xenophobia, and keeping the poor down on the farm, at least partly on purpose. And as the Thai middle class goes up and up, the American middle class goes down in numbers. And the rich get richer all over.

Your New Teflon Don took days to denounce former KKK leader David Duke (Trump pretended he didn't know who Duke was - 555 - not all Trump voters are dumb and racist, but all American racists voted for Trump - that could get out of their bar stools at any rate), trashed women based on their looks and mocked a handicapped reporter. Then he said he could shoot someone on 5'th Avenue and not lose a voter. I'll bet you cheered after hearing that one. Right?

That Trump has Steve Bannon as his chief advisor speaks volumes - Bannon championed Breitbart News - a far right wing rag that lets its readers call out black people in the comments section with the N word and women with the C word, espousing shooting people, to be exact the "libtards," which is Breitbart-speak for all who oppose their radical, racist views. Check it out. It's better than 1984. Orwell would love the irony.

The Breitbart moderators let it all slide, which is tantamount to tacit acceptance and even approval. For example, Breitbart Commentators called out Michelle Obama as an obese monkey and far worse. Then the pack mentality jumps in and triples down on her. Trump is not non-complicit by extension. That's where education and lack thereof comes in. Trump loves the uneducated. Donald said it himself, or was that dubbed in Steam Punk? - you know - by the "libtards.." Oh you conspirators..

On a final note, I know a Thai-Muslim taxi driver (speaks excellent English by Thai standards, or any standards) in Bangkok who says that Americans are frequently pretending they are Canadian, except the southern drawl, or New "Yawk" accent gives them away, that or their behavior. Why do they feel compelled to pretend to be Canadian? And ever been to Europe?

When you wear a Canadian pin there - you get complimented and positive feedback from all countries - not so much with the American flag. International respect started for Canada by way of Canadian soldiers 99 years ago at a place called Vimy Ridge, and grew in WW 2.

But to be certain, Canada has its own skeletons in the closet - not allowing many Jews into the country in 1938, the Chinese Head Tax before that, abusing native people in Residential schools, the Japanese internments in 1941, etc. - so we are not better than the U.S. or Thailand - Same Same but way different is all.

And I'm not better than you - just 180 degrees different. I dislike Donald Trump's schtick and you like it. I "tink" you love Trump long time. Up to you farang.

D. Farang said...

The will of the American people was thwarted by about 2.9 million votes - hence the non-stop-four-year pushback. This is absolute non-tosh, spouted by mainstream media.

Mr. Trump may be a wonderful president in your eyes RatShit Kid - albeit with a tepid 25% minority of voters casting votes his way. That makes 75% of eligible American voters that either did not vote at all - or did not vote for him. Trump is "winning" all right - Charlie Sheen "winning."

the guest said...

It's a shame Thailand doesn't have a mechanism to filter-out those that only come to the country to abuse children. Surely there must be a database to check before issuing visas?

leave Thailand to the Thais said...

And a hell load of Boiler room boys posing as New Yawkers