Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday, February 09, 2017
Boiler room fraud is the perfect crime in Thailand specifically because Thai police will not investigate it, and secondly the money is hidden and moved on around multiple third parties confounding even the best police in the world.

However there seems to be another one, which I must admit I had to laugh at.

 The victims are not those wishing to make lucrative investments, but young people mainly who want to come to Thailand, and then stay on in teaching jobs helping less well-off pupils and get cheated in the process.

I had been asked to take up their case – but as there seem to be enough people out there doing the same the best thing to do is just guide you there.

The scammer in question is an American called Philip Dunne, aka Philip Crabb, who has been offering franchises in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) and TEFL courses. As we all know Thailand is desperate for English teachers, while not paying them a lot of cash.

Dunne has also been offering the TEFL courses under the banners Camp Thailand and IslandTefl and issuing his own TEFL certificates. 

It seems a cheaper way to do this is to come in to Thailand on a non-immigrant visa, get your own TEFL certificate knocked up on the Khao Sarn Road, and perhaps give yourself a couple of degrees as well.  I know this works as child abusers have been doing it for years and we have exposed some of the culprits on this site.

Philip is also very savvy about the local laws, the Computer Crime Act libel laws and threatens to ruin people who complain about his services.

According to the reports I have been reading these funds appear to help fund his wild lifestyle and fondness for Thai women.

His lifestyle is not as wild as that of the boiler room boys as it appears to centre around ‘Cheap Charlies’ in Bangkok.

So how is this the perfect crime? Well actually, it’s all low-life stuff pushing the ‘Thailand dream’ and its targets also include American’s who have falling for Thai girls and want to return.

But the fact is this will not be investigated because the bosses will be able to show they have placed ‘graduates’ in schools in Thailand because, despite repeated warnings, a seemingly unlimited number of Thai schools continue to take foreign language teachers merely on the basis that they can speak English.

Perhaps they should call Philip 'The Tefl-on Don'.

Here’s a good starting point


D. Farang said...

"According to the reports I have been reading these funds appear to help fund his wild lifestyle and fondness for Thai women."

He correctly fits the western stereotype of the Thai-expat sex-tourist to a T (sans the almost-obligatory copious tattoos) - bald, large beer belly, middle-aged and inherently nefarious. But where's the hopelessly baggy Chang singlet? The pink shirt is an illusion of class.

But if he's as smart as say Donald J. Trump, he could call anything that exposes him to the light as fake news. Combine that with the arcane Computer Crimes law and Bob's his Uncle.

If you were a fly on the wall in the girly bar you can hear him right about now, just into his cups saying..

"I've shagged so many young women mate..they literally love me mate..I've got the pick of the frickin' litter..want another one?'s my turn mate.."

Megalodon said...

I think the most telling comment here, AD, is your highlighting the fact that the Thai BiB will not investigate boiler room frauds. What a disgraceful state of affairs. How can this be? Can pressure not be put on the Thai authorities to ensure that these allegations ARE investigated?

Dick Headley said...

The attitude seems to be if farang rip each other off so what? A disgraceful state of affairs to be sure.

John said...

He will need to find a new place to hang out as Cheap Charlie's will be closing soon - next month I think. That whole block on Soi 11 will be redeveloped.

Trollmeister General said...

AD, is it wise do you think, (or even fair, or legal), for you to publish photos showing clientele of watering holes - presumably without their permission?
It would certainly seem that the photo at the top of this piece is not "posed," and that the customers did not know they were being photographed and that the photo would eventually appear on your website.
I for one would be massively unhappy to think that my nocturnal activities in Thailand would appear on a website without my permission.

D. Farang said...

Most Johns know where to go when Cheap Charlie's closes, to get their next fix - not inferring you that you frequent the beer bars with shiny Poles, along with assorted Brits, Aussies, Canucks, Yankees, Italians, Arabs, Somalis and of course the Russian fellows (default motorbike scars plainly visible) - in various stages of undress and intoxication.


The Land of Smiles

Billy Black said...
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the guest said...

With all the corruption floating around in Thailand, it's a magnet for all the criminals. The authorities are also part of the problem, cashing in on other people's misfortunes. It's all about money, nothing else, regardless of the victims, and the ruined lives.

leave Thailand to the Thais said...

no shit Sherlock

Marlo Stanfield said...

Thanks for that revelation; honestly, we had no idea.

Anyway, while you're there putting the world to rights, you might want to remember that corruption goes on all over the world - yep, those ever-so-squeaky-clean, "civilized" countries in the G7 too.

I wouldn't dream of making apologies for Thailand in this regard but, in many instances, you can spot it a mile off and at least you've got half a chance of avoiding it. You can't do that in the West - it's woven into the very fabric of the system at the highest levels of both private and public institutions. Furthermore, it's protected by the "rule of law".

Everything from the parking ticket racket to the meeting of quotas for the cessation of benefit payments; the moral hazard of propping up banks at the taxpayers and the savers' expense right up to cash for questions in Parliament.

White skin, Windsor knots and old-school bluster don't make us any better than the Thais, pal; we're just a lot better at keeping it under wraps.

jules in KL said...

Cheap Charlies will be no more? That is essential news for Bangkok residents!! Anyone heard if it is moving?

D. Farang said...

Well put. I never knew how many home-grown white rats there were in a so-called superior country like say Canada - until I learned the hardest way. We are as bad as anywhere else - don't let anyone fool you.

I'll trust a recent immigrant from Somalia or Iraq over a WASP like me almost any day of the week.

In general, us entitled "westernized" humans are like starving rodents looking for cheese, and F everyone else outside our safe little circle.

It was disappointing to discover the truth about "humanity." But I know I scampered in the wrong direction too often - hence my bias.


business experiences

Trollmeister General said...

I hardly think, Marlo, that one can make a comparison between alleged corruption in Western countries and that found in Thailand - even if what you say about corruption in Wetern society is true.
In Thailand corruption is endemic and entrenched. It is syndicated.
There is hardly one aspect of life in Thailand which isn't controlled by the amount of "squeeze" which can be officially extorted.
You cannot renew your driving licence or visa to stay in the country without oiling the wheels; you can avoid legal detention and charges being laid by paying off the right people.
You name it, crossing someone's palm will solve any problem.

In sum, I do not accept that corruption is "woven into the fabric of Western society" as you assert.
You might be as bent as a corkscrew, Marlo; some of us are made of finer moral fibre.

Marlo Stanfield said...

LOL! Shows just how much of the Kool Aid you've drunk; you can't even SEE Western corruption because it's been going on so long and it's been so completely integrated.

"Finer moral fibre"?? You know where you can shove that, don't you?! That's precisely the kind of waffling BS the "Rotarians" of Pattaya hide behind while they scam and kiddie-fiddle their way around Thailand so excuse me if I dismiss your Thaivisa-style flame as the puerile drivel it is.

Like tens of thousands of others living legally in Thailand, I renew my extension of stay every year without greasing anyone's palms, pal. This is the norm but, of course, you should know that if you actually live here. I could be wrong but you actually SOUND like you're a bi-annual visitor posting from a hovel in Hull before having to go back to work clipping tickets on the National Rail Kings X-Hull route.

I always find it amusing when I read self-righteous bullshit about corruption from muppets with a completely unjustified superiority complex. These are the same hypocrites who patronize establishments where the fact they're able to have sex with females on the premises is actually facilitated by the corruption they speak out so vehemently against.

I guess corruption's ok if Fred from Scunthorpe can safely and discreetly release a batch with little Lek on a battered bunk bed in a room above the bar, right?