Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017


A career criminal specialising in drugs and prostitution, and also long term friend of Pattaya Dane Niels Colov, Lonne is being held in custody after being arrested attempting to enter Thailand.

Lonne, left, and Colov, right, at a crims reunion in Copenhagen (caption corrected 16/05/17)

Lonne Fristrup, now aged 69, was a high-profile figure in gangland Copenhagen together with Colov, who moved to Thailand to become chief of the Pattaya Tourist Police Volunteers after being convicted and jailed for pimping, coercion, vandalism and handling stolen goods.

Colov as Pattaya Police Chief

Lonne published a book entitled ‘Born Free’ a motif which he had tattooed on his head. He was indeed born free, but spent a large part of his life behind bars.

News of Lonne’s arrest was published yesterday in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet which quoted Lonne’s biographer Peter Gronland.  
Colov visiting Lonne at home in Copenhagen

Gronland said that Lonne was subject to a lifetime travel ban to Thailand, but had happily evaded it for years visiting the country regularly.

Gronland said he thought Lonne would simply be deported, but he has been imprisoned instead. 

The newspaper said that Fristrup was now in the ‘Bangkok Hilton – a brutal and dirty place’. 

Normally suspects arrested at Suvarnabhumi international airport are held at the local police station before being remanded to the Remand Prison at Khlong Prem.

Lonne was arrested in Pattaya in 2005 at the request of the Royal Danish Police for alleged drugs and arson offences. He was deported to jail in Denmark and that is when the life time ban was imposed.

Lonne, before his deportation in 2005 (Ekstra Bladet)

However, as reported previously on this website, foreign criminals have been able to evade these bans, or even traces of them being in Thailand, by organising ‘walk throughs’ at Immigration at Bangkok International Airport.

Niels Colov, also the boss of the Pattaya People Media Group, liked to keep in touch with gangland Copenhagen, where his old haunt was the Vestrobrogade area. Here he is pictured in Pattaya a couple of years ago with Brian Sandberg, former member of the Bandidos, convicted drugs trafficker and a man also of a considerably violent record.


Megalodon said...

One swallow does not a summer make.
I'm not suggesting that there has necessarily been an earth-shattering sea change in the attitude of the Thai authorities towards foreign criminals in their country, but the arrest of this individual has to be encouraging.

It is, without doubt, depressing to read that foreign criminals have been able to "swan in and out" of the country seemingly at will, in defiance of any Court order or ban which may have been imposed.
AD has highlighted this point well.

Now if only the Thai authorities could display such diligence in getting the Red Bull heir back to stand trial - or at least to detain him and put him on trial when he is in the country.

Trollmeister General said...

I concur entirely with what Megalodon has written.
Far too early to expect much change in the attitude of the Thai Government, but one lives in hope.
The idea that this foreign detritus can just come and go in Thailand, and presumably stay there with impunity, is repugnant.
Let's hope the Thai Government is serious about clamping down on these people.

D. Farang said...

Looks like he's a firm, firm believer in Astrology - and partying heavily over many, many decades - a few too many in fact..


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Megalodon said...

Would somebody please tell me what the Hell is going on here?
We are told that this individual, Lonne Fristrup, was subject to a lifetime travel ban to Thailand, but "had happily evaded it for years visiting the country regularly."

This is a complete and total dreadful state of affairs and prompts onevto wonder if the Thai people are governing themselves without foreign guigabe,
I can lead to him water:::;

Dick Headley said...

I don't know D.Farang. Looks like he had second thoughts around the hairline. Your services may not be required.

Ron Rushburg said...

A total farce is Colov being in the "respected" position that he enjoys in Pattaya.
From hardcore career criminal to hobnobbing with City Hall, media owner and Volunteer Police; TIT and only in Thailand.

the guest said...

Thailand should really start cleaning up it's act in ensuring foreigners with these type of criminal convictions are never let into the country. They have enough problems of their own, let alone dregs of society adding zero-value to it.

Marlo Stanfield said...

While I tend to agree that this man shouldn't be allowed to swan in and out of Thailand at will, all this knee-jerk howling outrage from ostensibly squeaky clean farangs either living here or visiting regularly gets rather tiresome.

It may be that he changed his name and obtained a new passport and, since Thailand doesn't fingerprint foreigners at immigration, he's slipped through the net.

Perhaps you self-righteous curtain-twitchers think that the face of every blacklisted foreigner should be seared into the mind of every immigration officer but considering how many total scumbags manage to find their way into advanced, 1st world countries by way of our incorruptible and apparently infallible border controls, I don't think any of us can mount our high horses to castigate the Thais.

Bob Kneale said...

That's refreshing, a rational comment from Marlo, not overflowing with sanctimonious indignation as per the usual commentator(s). Nice work, Marlo. Surprised it got through!

D. Farang said...

"..outrage from ostensibly squeaky clean farangs.."

..implying perhaps that you are in that esteemed category, so congratulations on that one

...and on the other side of the well-used satang coin - there's a lot of farang riff-raff that washes up on Thai shores - I've done it myself at least twice


Hard on Yourself

Trollmeister General said...

And thereby lies the crux of the problem, Marlo.
"Thailand doesn't fingerprint foreigners at immigration."
Why not? Other countries have this procedure in place.
If the Thai authorities did fingerprint foreigners at immigration, both arriving and departing, this procedure would reveal foreigners who had been placed on a "stop list" compiled by Immigration from Court orders, acting on requests from law enforcement agencies.
This is how things work in the jurisdiction where I reside.
Don't tell me; let me guess.
This is NOT how things work in Thailand.

Trollmeister General said...

Have you actually read Marlo's comment?
I would respectfully suggest it most definitely DOES overflow with "sanctimonious indignation."
I for one am a "squeaky clean farang," although being BRITISH I prefer to call myself a "foreigner," and I will continue to express my outrage until such time as the Thai authorities start to behave in a civilised manner.

Marlo Stanfield said...

My post most definitely does not overflow with sanctimonious indignation. I just don't have much time for easily-led, blowhards who would rather spend their time spreading a thick layer of their own prejudice over a story rather than taking what's being said at face value.

The article clearly says this douchebag is now in the Bangkok Hilton but the aforementioned blowhards choose to focus on AD's resurrection of the old legend that tells of criminals being walked through immigration by corrupt officials at Swampy.

Predictably, they add their own bias and conclude that it MUST have been corruption that enabled this gangster to visit Pattaya so many times while on a lifetime ban but, as I suggested before, it's equally likely that he was able to achieve this thanks to an old workaround used by those on a blacklist. Change name by deed poll and get new passport in the new name.

Obviously, this workaround didn't work if fingerprints were scanned on entry but Thailand doesn't do this. I don't know WHY Thailand doesn't do this but, frankly, I've got far too interesting and varied a life to be getting on with here in sunny Bangkok to give a rat's arse.

All I'm concerned with here - remaining within the context of the discussion - is the fact that they DON'T and this may be ANOTHER reason why this scumball was able to come and go as he liked.

Believe what you like but I prefer to see past AD's tired old M.O. of inviting the more easily-led among you to assume that because there was wrongdoing before, there must be wrongdoing now.

I prefer to think for myself, thanks.

D. Farang said...

I for one am a "squeaky clean farang," Trollmeister General

Firstly, the computer program spelling default said I was spelling the first part of your name wrong. Secondly, I would say you are more like the anti-Troll, Mister General - which is a good thing in case you weren't certain. It's a GOOD thing. Slow down..

But mainly Sir, the third and final thing is this - know succinctly and be cognizant that you are the founding-sole member of a group of "squeaky-clean farang" - who have resided long term in Thailand - with a total membership of one - C'est Vous vraiment- Monsieur General en solitude grand..


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the guest said...

I think it's quite amusing that foreigners are being used by the Thais to do their bidding. Of course most 'gangsters' are tolerated so long as it brings in the 'cash' for the authorities. As the saying goes, you don't have a dog, and bark yourself. Thais are known to use foreigners frequently, and once they have outlived their usefulness, they casually throw them away like a pet.