Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Briton Ian Rance, the second defendant in the Jonathan Head BBC libel case has today also been acquitted after the Phuket lawyer, who notarised a forged signature to all Rance’s property allowoing all his property assets to be stolen, also withdrew his case against him.
Ian Rance and kids

But neither will be compensated for their costs and sadly there is no indication that the case will have any result in the massive frauds committed against foreigners who buy property in Thailand.

Jonathan Head
Indeed, the result of this case merely continues to cover up what has been described as major national conspiracy involving Thais from lowly money lenders and lawyers through the courts and right up through the National Anti-Corruption Commission….and beyond.

'No Victory'

Ian Rance said to day he was hamstrung about making further comments on the case due to threats of further action. The result, however, he said, could not be described as a victory against Thai justice or lack of it.

Jonathan Head captures bent lawyer Prtuan Thanarak on camera

In a case brought separately a third defendant Irishman Colin Vard, from Dublin, who had seven properties stolen from him in Phuket using his fraudulent signature, notarised by another Phuket lawyer as genuine, had to leave the country with his young half-Thai son, Daire, earlier this year.  He had been robbed of property worth some 2 million Euros.

Vard, a formerly wealthy Dublin businessman and children’s author, and related to the ‘Vard Sisters’ a well-known Irish singing group, said he was continuing the fight from safer territory.

But today he added that he expected major developments in October.

In his case, Vard claimed, those who profited from the fraudulent sales were police, lawyers, land office officials. money lenders and ‘reputable’ banks who had exploited his Thai wife.  

He and his son Daire and daughter and Jessie staged a sit-down in traffic outside the Royal Thai Police headquarters two years ago. 
The Royal Thai Police made a public promise that the matter would be cleared up in three months. Nothing happened.

Colin Vard at RTP headquarters

Enquiries, he said today, have now revealed a much longer list including an alleged bent police officer who has had a major role in prosecuting defendants widely described as ‘scapegoats’ including the alleged killers of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller who were murdered in Koh Samui in 2014 and involving the NAAC and above.

His daughter now 18, formerly a model, has been successfully developing a career as a television and films and is co-operating with an enquiry by the Lawyers Council of Thailand.  

Her Facebook page ‘Justice for Jessie’ has had millions of hits and contains the following tribute to her father.

Jessie Vard: Tribute from daughter of cheated foreigner in Thailand

Thai wives are often targeted by Thai fraudsters because they often have access to the land deeds of their husbands.  But the wives who were both targeted in these cases, made little of the profit.

Although Jonathan Head’s case received some international media attention no press reporters were in court today to see Rance’s case dismissed.

Foreigners are not permitted to own property in Thailand, but they can lease property and they can buy condominiums, providing the controlling committees of the condominiums are majority Thai.

Despite that there are also widespread frauds on condominiums and so called ‘leases’ which are promoted illegally as being valid for 90 years.

The fraud on Colin Vard was first exposed on this site in May 2011 and in the Irish Daily Mail.

Jonathan Head eventually took up the cases of Vard and Rance for a segment on the BBC morning news television show Victoria Derbyshire.

Not only will neither the BBC or Rance get their costs paid by the plaintiff lawyer Pratuan Thanarak, but the fact that the case was accepted at all, is an indication of what happens in Thai V foreigner libel cases.  To criticise a judge in Thailand carries a 7-year sentence for contempt.

Pratuan Thanarak was caught on camera by Jonathan and his cameraman admitting that he had witnessed the signature even though he had not been present when it was signed. Something he considered to be normal. Jonathan Head and Rance had no cases to answer.

Despite the widespread fraud in the foreign property market in Thailand both the BBC and Channel 4 have promoted highly rated property shows ‘Wanted in Paradise’ and ‘A Place in the Sun’ which fly out punters to Thailand to help them buy property, some of which has been highly questionable.

When I challenged ‘A Place in the Sun’ their spokesman said they had no plans to return.


D. Farang said...

They picked on the wrong expats with these two "pitbulls." It just goes to show if you never give up - your chances of succeeding go up exponentially, in Thailand too.

It meant the world to Ian - to lose those latent "shackles" - and conversely -
it meant VERY little to the Lawyer - so the gross imbalance was corrected so-to-speak, looking at it from a perspective of Karma, or even justice.

Tarquinius Rex said...

The only thing I can say in response to all of this business is never buy property in Thailand. Never marry a Thai woman. Do not invest in Thailand and certainly do not live there.
Simply visit for a vacation. Have fun there, but do not put down roots or make any commitments. Simply spend your money having fun - then leave.

Marlo Stanfield said...

Yet another censored post.
I give up with this blog.
I'll leave it to the battery of nodding dogs that constitute your readership

Andrew Drummond said...

Thank you Marlo. I have re-read your post. And I concur. You should give up. Try Thaivisa they'll take almost anything the more bigoted the better

HardTalk said...

Fraud, corruption, unnatural accidents (naturally), are a Way-of-Life in SmileyLand ! T.Rex's simplistic numpty take on it all is typical of all non-Expats who have never lived the life. As a former lead columnist for BK:Post & BK:Legal Director of over 15yrs experience, I am well awares of the many injustices. However, many frauds & crimes can be avoided by ensuring that one only uses fully vetted professional firms & qualified advisers in the same way one does at home, but there are too many Falangs who leave their brains at the Immigration Desk. I truly feel for Vard & hope he will get some form of justice eventuall, though it will be a long time & expensive process.As for Marlo, I agree with Drummy .... bugger-off to the real Nodding Dog forums of Thai Visa inter alia. He will find plenty of the Samong Ling chattering classes to keep his ilk amused et al ! ;-)