Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Andaman Boatyard and its owner Italian Luigi Innamorati have been ordered by the Appeal Court to pay over 5 million baht (US$151,000) to a French client who ordered a catamaran which was never completed.

This order confirmed the decision of the lower court which made the original order in 2016 and comprised damages of 4.3 million baht and 275,000 baht in interest.

The boat contract had initially been signed in 2011 with an 83 per cent down payment. Attempts to recover the cash had met with limited success. The company bank account had been seized but only 250,000 Thai baht was in the account. 

Items from the #andamanboatyard in Jomtien, near Pattaya, have also been seized. Innamorati is also the owner of Thai Catamarans, known as #Thai Cats.

A sign at the boatyard ‘Andaman Boatyard’ has since been replaced with a sign for a company called ‘Olala Co. Ltd’ registered in Thailand in 2000.

The case is the first of many cases being brought by foreign buyers.  #Innamorati worked closely with Bianchetti (below), who has since fled Thailand. 

He has conducted an internet campaign against his ‘creditors’ calling them frauds and paedophiles on Facebook. There is no substance to his claims.

The activities of both men were exposed on this site. Local newspapers in Thailand who originally covered the arrest of Bianchetti by the DSI have since removed considerable material.
It is understood bankruptcy proceedings will follow.  

But is he still around? Locals in Pattaya report that he has not been seen recently, prompting rumours that he may have joined his former colleague Raoul Bianchetti in his homeland.

Among the creditors are the following:

*A Hong Kong woman, who ordered 32ft catamaran with build time of ten months from June 2013 now claims Luigi has demanded US$750,000 to complete.

*An American owed US$900,00 who ordered 12 21ft boats and a 40 ft. cruisier who claims he only received 4 defective boats. He is demanding Innamorati to complete order or refund monies refused.

*Two Russians who paid 13.5 million baht out of 20 million (67.5 per dent) for 60 ft. catamaran. Boat less than 20 per cent complete. In litigation already for nearly two years.

*A Dutchman who is in copyright dispute with Innamorati and is a million baht out of pocket, and  *a well-known Italian Bangkok chef.