Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The website has been restored in the U.K. after being blocked by Google for a month due to claims of alleged libel by a British businessman in Bangkok, Paul John Hayward.

This site, along with and has maintained consistently that Hayward, from Birmingham, described as Bangkok’s ‘King of Clubs’, earned his real cash from ‘boiler room frauds’, that is setting up fraudulent share houses, to cheat people out of their life savings.

Authors of investigations websites like these are of course prone to libel suits, and of course in Thailand much much more. Hayward had amply demonstrated that he was working with corrupt police and army officials, who benefited from his scams.

In 2015 I relocated to the United Kingdom primarily for the safety and education of my children. 

In the UK, of course, libel is a civil offence, truth is an absolute defence (unlike Thailand) There are juries. And unlike Thailand, where a judge, who can be corrupt, decides what evidence is recorded, a verbatim record is taken of all proceedings.

In his complaint Hayward maintained he is an honest businessman and that I fled Thailand because a warrant was out for my arrest. 

There was of course no such warrant.  After I left Thailand I was acquitted of the 20th case of libel brought against me by people who were taking SLAPP.*cases in an effort to shut me down. I had lost two cases in bizarre circumstances.

(A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. Such lawsuits have been made illegal in many jurisdictions on the grounds that they impede freedom)

It has also been evident that Google had previously removed some stories from the site after complaints from three expats in Thailand, U.S. citizen Drew Walter Noyes, his office colleague in ‘One Stop Legal Services, Pattaya, David John Hanks, former owner of the ‘Masquerades’ brothel in Keysborough, Victoria, Aus., and Brian Goudie, aka Brian Goldie, of Falkirk, Scotland.

Drew Noyes with this common-law wife Wanrapa Boonsu at the time of their arrest for extortion. She was acquitted, though its doubtful he could have committed the crime without her.
Drew Walter Noyes, subsequently fled Thailand while on bail and appealing a jail sentence for extortion and is now living in Wilmington, North Carolina, posing as a securities expert.

Brian Goudie, born Goldie, who was sentenced to six years in prison in Australia for fraud and in Thailand to three years jail, for cheating a 78-year-woman American woman out of nearly US$300,000, also fled Thailand while on bail on appeal, but after conviction and sentence and is now reported to be living in Saltcoats, Ayrshire. He was the subject of the TV documentary 'Brian Goldie - Scots swindler'.

Niels Colov at an award ceremony in Bangkok to receive the
United Nations Cross. There is,
 of course no such award - although he's wearing it!
A complaint has also been made by Niels Martens Storm Colov, the Danish head of the foreign tourist police volunteers in Pattaya, formerly a member of the Danish underworld who had been convicted and jailed on charges of pimping and coercion, on the grounds of 'The Right to Be Forgotten' under European law.

I have no idea where David Hanks, 68, is but he has his hands full with a family by a young Thai woman.

Due to the inconsistency and arbitrary action taken by Google the site will be removed in any case from

In the meantime people searching information on the above people are advised to use another search engine.


Clive Jackson said...

Glad to hear it Andrew.I use - A Russian search engine and it gives me much more info about anything I'm searching for including PJH.
Google has been using an algorithm to place Conservative or Alternative sites lower in rank making the info harder to find. Much like the boiler room people do by placing press releases and other nonsense at a higher ranking than the negative news about their scam activities.

I recognize the guy in the picture as the guy that ran Smith-Fairchild and other boiler rooms in Bangkok in 2000 and beyond.

Hope you have a Happy 2018 and that PJH and his cohorts have a hard time in jail.

Tarquinius Rex said...

I wondered why things were so quiet for so long. Anyway - you’re back.

john mccleary said...

VICTIMS OF PAUL HAYWARD FROM his boiler room scams should get together and sue Google for letting a fraudster like Paul Hayward to harass and close down Andrew Drummond's site! My brother, me and my cousins used work for Paul Hayward and Andrew has got the right picture of him.I have many people that will point Paul Hayward out as absolutely the man in Andrew's stories.

Andrew Drummond said...

Not blocked any more as far as I can see - not even in Thailand

Clive Jackson said...

John McCleary, I remember you guys. I'm glad to see you survived Thai prison!
I can identify Paul, Ryan, Toby, Twichy, Stuttering Sean Graham and more.
I stay under the radar because of what happened to you guys as well as Steve "Sharpe" in the Philippines.
Paul has no scruples and will go to great lengths to punish those who go against him.
BTW. Did you start with Cordova of Kensington or Steve Casciola & Danny Sterk of IAM?

john mccleary said...

Thank you brother for your kindness. Paul Hayward has gotlawyers humping my trying to stop my 2 books from being published. The publishers are laughing because why would a supposedly honest legitimate businessman try to stop a book from being published? People are starting to wonder now even the people who he has ripped offed are offended! A pale white skinned euro-trash unattractive Paul Hayward going around paying women so he can claim himself a lady's man! I can point out Paul Hayward all day because he's hard to forget. We gave him the nickname Powder when we worked for him, look at the Hollywood movie from the ninties called Powder. It's about a freakish paled skinned teenager who develops special powers when strucked by lightning. Watch it,looks just like Paul Hayward!He would go in whining fits when cracked on him when we called Paul Hayward Powder! "OH YOU ARE UNDER MY EMPLOYMENT DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! Our response would be "SHUT UP YOU CANDYASS WHITE SKINNED FREAK"!

john mccleary said...

We started with David Cordova at Kensington group that was selling IWM:International Waste Management, that was where we met Steve and Danny on the 21St floor(good memory?). Paul Hayward's future partner Mark Hutcherson also worked at Kensington for David Cordova. Before Christmas 2000,Danny and Steve had a falling out with David Cordova. So right after new years 2001,we Danny, Steve and Mark Hutcherson moved to Q house on convent road Silom district of Bangkok. At Q house we were called IAM(International Asset Management), there we occupied the 8th and 11the floor. Mark Hutcherson RIP at that was a partner who controlled the floor with my brother James watching his back. On the 11th floor was me, Danny and Steve. That's where Paul Hayward came into the picture, He was a skinny pale skinned young unattractive weirdo who wore ugly suits that were a few sizes too big. My brother James used to say to me "HEY YOU SEE THAT GUY(PAUL HAYWARD), HE LOOKS LIKE HE JUST STEPPED OUT FROM A COFFIN"!Now you know why Paul Hardward had a passion for bars and bargirls and later crowned himself the nightlife king of the sex bars! After all bars brought Paul Hayward love, marriage and children. Like the old saying "INVEST IN SOMETHING YOU LOVE",at IAM on the 11th floor. As you get pass the front lobby office, go through the door on the right, on the right was the kitchen and bathrooms. On the left as you walk in was cubicles for the AO's(account openers), on the right was a office occupied by Paul Hayward. Paul Haywaed, Paul was a AO coach and loader, he would always early in the morning wait on the side entrance of the Q house and wait for Danny Sterk to show up for work to ass kiss! Later he would ass kiss Cameron Steve's friend and Mark Hutcherson(Hutch),even later resort to calling himself "Little Hutch). Paul Paul why you have to be delusional and call yourself a "honest legitimate businessman "? 2018 will be a year of big surprises for Paul Hayward! God bless Clive!

Andrew Drummond said...

Fine John. But I still have a problem. Can you moderate your language please, or is this the only language you speak?

Clive Jackson said...

John. I know all the people and places you speak of. I worked under Nick Cordova and then SC & DS. After the falling out with DC there were many New York Mafia guys in BKK. Casciola was a Capo in the NY mob I think. Travis (John Carter) worked for John Lee RIP as an AO. One of the top ones along with Dave Thompson (Black Jamaican)
I used to sit along Sukhumvit at a place with outdoor seating and would see Travis walking by. He liked me and wanted me to work at FCI but I declined. I saw him a few hours before he got killed. That was M*** who had him killed. It was dangerous time in BKK.
I saw Cameron a few days before he died. Bloated from alcohol and tired looking. I really don't think he would OD on Blow. It was not an accident. I got along with him because when he worked in SC's room on the 22nd floor of Kensington he was introduced as Casciola's brother. He wore cowboy boots and Loved life and liked to drink. Couldn't close a deal to save his life though. LOL.

Funny story. A friend was an ex Colonel in the US Army and I was talking to him on the phone one day about the Cambodia office Hilton had and he told me he knew the #2 guy in the Cambodian Military and sent him an email about the operation. The very next day those guys were all over CNN & BBC as their room got raided. That General was my friend's friend. I heard Sean was crying.
Nice to reminisce with you man. I had an epiphany and got out of the business 15 yrs ago and do help people to not fall for this scam Boiler Room stuff.
Would Love to see that video of PJH in the room . .

john mccleary said...

I will try next time,it's hard to be nice when someone puts you in prison for nine and a half years .