Flying Sporran’s Bangkok Midweek Diary

September 7 2012

The President of the Bangkok Chapter of the Outlaws motor cycle club has taken over a large slice of Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok – Bangkok’s primary sex entertainment area catering to foreigners.

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Now, as if marking his turf, many of the bars have stickers outside denoting they are the property of the Outlaws.

While of course I knew and have already reported that an American ‘businessman’ from Georgia has taken over many of the bars, including those of the former Crown Group,  the Outlaws sticker bit comes from a forum here called Pattayatalk.com. So thank you chaps. I’m not there often enough to catch this stuff first hand.

It happened after our southern state friend took over Presidency.  In the Outlaws you can do that by force, but I am told he elected, er, himself. It would be awfully naff if the Outlaws were democratic.

The Nana is undergoing a revamp since a new consortium took over management of it a few months ago. With the European economy in the doldrums most of the clientele comes not from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China and Australia.

Sign outside the Angelwitch. I had a little giggle at the ‘No drugs allowed – enforced by owner’. 

The new consortium known as Nana Partners is a partnership between the FICO Corporation, through its subsidiary FINA, and ‘foreign businessman’, the Outlaws’ in-laws so to speak,  trading under the named Advanced Settlement Capital Company Ltd.


The FICO Corporation of the Thai-Indian Srichawala family owns  3 Novotels in Bangkok, Hotel Muse, Le Fenix, Sukhumvit, the Mercure Samui, Fenix, and the Grand Millennium and Holiday Inn, Sukhumvit. It is also a massive conglomerate and manufacturer dealing in textiles, machinery and computer software. The corporation’s headquarters in Asoke, Bangkok, was the scene of a major fire earlier this year.

Crossed Pistons – Rajah Hotel car park

FICO execs have kept a low profile about Nana admitting only earlier this year that they were involved in a management deal of it with Eclipse, the bar, restaurant, and management group run by Ulsterman Micky Doherty, before clamping down on all comments about the deal.

Eclipse are of course the bosses of many themed bars in Bangkok including Molly Malone’s, Soi 8 Bar, The Australian, Coyote, Sukhumvit, and Irish bars in Phuket, Hong Kong and Singapore.

More interestingly recently they have been linked to ’Q Bar’ as  management contractor and partnerships in such places as the Baccarat bars in Soi Cowboy and Pattaya where the entertainers are underwear challenged, not to mention a less than salubrious entertainment venue in Sukhumvit Soi 7/1.

People connected with Eclipse were finally buying into places that actually made money while only one or two Irish styled theme bars in the city were turning a comfortable profit.

However Eclipse as such no longer gets a mention in the Nana contract. Now Fina and Advanced Settlement Capital Co. Ltd. Nana Partners have some pretty hard work to do.

Swan Lake

( I had another titter when the boss of the new management team announced that the Nana was going upmarket’. That sort of conjures up images of punters sipping Chateau Lafitte while throwing 100 baht ping pong balls on stage to ‘dancers’ doing Swan Lake? But all it probably means is there is new signage and the drinks are more expensive)

They have borrowed almost as much money as the company is capitalised to – something like US$25 million. They have to pay that cash back within a time frame, which means the price of sex tourism will go up exponentially.  As a result sub-leases at Nana have gone up four fold.

Cat fight?

Meanwhile in what is considered by many quite a smart move, a Thai businesswomen cum university professor and bar owner called ‘Meow’ has actually taken the rent of most of the frontage bars on the street outside the complex, er, before the ‘walk of shame’ or ‘ the gauntlet’ into the Nana, whichever way you think of it.

These bars tend to be more popular among anyone but the first or second time tourist, and appear to be where most hang out and drink before paying, I’m guessing, a higher price inside a ‘show” bar.  If there were ever to be a power battle I would be looking at this woman’s business acumen.

But I’m going in too deep.  I will leave the sex bar stuff to more qualified people like ‘Stickman’ whom I looked up to discover has given the Nana a heavy slagging this week…and where a reader says that even at an outside bar he paid 210 baht for half a lager shandy – that’s four quid for those back home in the U.K, or a full pint in the ‘Stab in the Back’ with plenty of pork scratchings and a busty barmaid on Saturdays, or a hauf and a hauf in the ‘Cannie Man’ with a mutton pie with wee Hamish.

Meanwhile I am assured the customers who query their shortly to be inflated bar bills and bar fines etc. will not be whacked over the head with the urine and faeces stained colours of the Outlaws Motor Cycle Club, although (above) Outlaws members appear not to forgive. *

Buttercups and daisies

I am of course sure the Bangkok Outlaws Chapter of this worldwide motorcycle club are of course absolute buttercups and daisies compared with some of their namesake chapters in motorcycle gangs in the United States and Europe.

Harry Joseph Bowman, The World Leader of The American Outlaw Association (A.O.A.), was sent to prison for 3 murders in 1999 after being on the F.B.I’s Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive list in 1998. Across the globe members of The Outlaws have been suspected, arrested, tried and convicted of countless crimes from prostitution, trafficking in narcotics and stolen goods, arms dealing, extortion and murder” – Top Ten Notorious Biker Gangs

The local guys are mainly motor cycle enthusiasts with a penchant for dressing down.

They now have their own bar in the Rajah Hotel car park. Rarely in that area, I called in there the other night (I do not think it was officially open) had a beer and spoke to the Norwegian Secretary. I can almost guarantee that he will not remember our conversation.

The other Óutlaws‘ certainly know how to treat a lady as detailed below by by a blogger called ‘Kingshag’ – or is it his view of how police ‘myopically’ view them. Sounds like they could fit into Nana quite well. Will they suffer the same fate as the Phuket ‘Bandidos’?

Outlaw motorcycle gangs are male dominated and highly chauvinistic. Women are treated as playthings and property. Women are generally victimized by forcing them into prostitution or street level drug traffickers, and quite often physically and sexually abused.

In the outlaw biker’s society women are bought, sold, traded or given away within the club.   Selling drugs in the mid 1960’s teaches the outlaw biker the basics of supply and demand. When they learn men pay to rent the empty space between a woman’s leg, they put their women to work.

In the violent, profit-oriented society inhabited by the outlaw biker, that’s all a woman is – a hole, a piece of property to rent or trade.   Women take up with outlaw bikers for different reasons: some are hungry, some need a warm place to stay, and others feel safe in a crowd.

Sex every way

While outlaw bikers abduct and rape many women, most attach themselves voluntarily to the club and everything it stands for – drugs, alcohol, parties, fast bikes and cars, cheap thrills and sex.

Horny women want endless sex every way it comes, the club becomes their outlet. Rebellious teenagers who strike back at their parents numb their minds with drugs and screw their brains out on the clubhouse floor.
Without their colours they could easily blend in to Nana
Bored business women take a walk on the wild side with macho men who lead dangerous, exiting lives. Women without education become somebody when they attach themselves to respected and feared outlaw bikers.

Shiftless girls like the freedom from responsibility. The unloved and homeless confuse sex with affection and cherish the arms that hold them.   A woman’s main value to an outlaw biker, aside from sexual gratification is daily income.

She must give all her money to her old man. Bikers put their women to work in massage parlors, topless bars, cocktail lounges and strip clubs. Most are covers for prostitution.

A mama is the sexual equivalent of a public well. Anyone can dip into her, at any time, as often as he wants. (OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH HERE!  ed)

Picture Credit: Angelwitch stickers – Billions @ www.pattayatalk.com / and The Crossed Pistons

*Gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson spent a year with a California chapter of the ‘Hell’s Angels’reporting that the initiation ceremony involved collecting urine and faeces from members and smearing it over their colours (jackets or vests) from thence on being forbidden to wash their colours.

*hauf and a hauf – a beer and a shot of whisky – 1/5th of a gill

CORRECTIONS AND APOLOGIES: The President of the Outlaws has been in touch to say that his is indeed an elected position, and he was in fact elected. He wishes to assure readers he is not into rape and pillage and has no connection with Warrior gangs who have been accused of such acts in other countries. The Bangkok Warriors are sabai sabai.

But in any case all Warriors stickers have been removed from bars in Nana Plaza where they used to be. They appear to have gone up on a night of drink and pillage – no rape and indeed, I concur,  why would they need to.

I apologise unreservedly if despite my disclaimer people still believe there is a connection. And, as my editor noted, I did rather get carried away with all that dirty stuff from Kingshag.

By the same token the busty barmaid in the ‘Stab in the Back’ will not provide an extra curricula service for
US$20, US$40, eighty bucks.