By Andrew Drummond

Today in the second instalment of Bangkok Boiler Rooms for the first time we publish letters from two boiler room employees who worked for Briton Paul John Hayward and American Mark Hutcherson – and who were jailed for 18 years.

These letters have long since been passed on to British law enforcement officers as was a file detailing over a thousand British victims in a major fraud scam carried out under the phony brokerage name Jackson Cole in the early 2000s.

But British law enforcement authorities never acted on the information, even though there were known victims, witnesses, documents implicating the bosses, and bank accounts.

Off the record at the time an officer said there was interest but the major stumbling block was Thai police who considered it a victimless crime – the victims were not in Thailand – and might possibly be involved. ‘Its something we have been looking at.’.

A boiler room butterfly flaps his wing in Bangkok and a farmer loses US$30,000 in Blackburn, Lancashire

This was one of Hayward’s first ventures as a go-it-alone wolf after the fall of the Brinton Group in well publicised raids in Bangkok.

Those files also included signed agreements on how the fraudsters would distribute the spoils and who would be responsible for what expenses.

JC -Serviced office in Belgium

Paul Hayward, aka Paul Hilton, and Hutcherson were infuriated when two American-Thai brothers James and John McCleary quit their jobs taking with them incriminating material.

But according to the McCleary brothers they both had power over the Thai police – which they say was financially based – and, apparently over the US authorities.

The McCleary brothers say they were handed over to police after turning up at the US Embassy to register their baby children as US citizens.


This story centres on the kidnap in April 2007 of American Mark Hutcherson, from Georgia, who was described in the Thai press as being a businessman in the oil business.

The kidnap took place, the McCleary brothers claim, after they went to Thai police with material on the boiler rooms, having heard that Paul Hayward, from Birmingham, UK, had offered 200,000 Thai baht to anyone who could find their address.

They deny any participation in the kidnap of Hutcherson, and looking at their history, it seems unlikely that these two men, who went to work as English language teachers after leaving the Hutcherson-Hayward boiler room, would have the wherewithal to do so.

But at a Thai police press conferebnce police lied to say that McCleary brothers were part of a kidnap gang, who fled arrest in the United States.

From the Nation April 7 2007
Paul Hayward

This was clearly not true.

The McCleary brothers claim that they did not know they were joining a boiler room – but because of their knowledge of Thai at some stage Hayward and Hutcherson wanted to get them to help with their dealings with the Thai Police.

I can find no record against them in the United States.

And one question is, ‘Is it at all feasible that the US authorities did not know the background of Hutcherson?

The answer is no.

His name had been made public when his Atlanta based Commodities Company was shut down by regulators.

He was a phony oil man selling phony oil shares.

But in reports sent back to the US this must have been reviewed as an FBI success.

Here first is an interview with a former boiler room employee who was involved in the Jackson Cole scam selling a product called Secure-Tee. It was published in the FraudRecovery Blog, which is maintained by victims of Bangkok boiler rooms.

But now here is the story from the McCleary brothers point of view.

Both were jailed for 18 years for the kidnap while the Thai police officers involved got 12 years.

There of course is an obvious discrepancy. In any civilized country the police would have received much more severe sentences in comparison because they were in a position of trust.

What would make a judge make this decision?

The editing notations were made by a friend who was assisting the McCleary Brothers.

LEGAL: Paul Hayward a Bangkok businessman associated with night clubs and sex clubs denies he is the Paul Hayward in the story and has not  had any connection with boiler rooms.