One of Asia’s top boiler room kings has reportedly died in Pai in Mae Hong Son Province of Northern Thailand aged 44, just two week after his marriage.

Glendon Richard Bullard from Georgia, USA, also the former President of the ‘Outlaws Motorcycle Club’ is reported suffering from a coughing fit before dying in an ambulance before he could be admitted to a hospital.

Two week ago he married his Thai girlfriend ‘Anne’ from a Bangkok family after she had given birth to a baby boy.

Bullard has been associated with boiler rooms, or illegal share trading rooms, in which thousands of people have been taken for millions of dollars, for the last 15 years in Thailand.

He was regarded as one of the top three operators in Thailand but had a drugs habit and his behavior was irregular until six to nine months ago when it is reported he had undergone a sudden transformation.

Lars Carlsen – right

“He gave up his drug habit. And doted on his girlfriend who he would do anything for. He was looking forward to being a family man,” a friend said.

Boiler operations have been highlighted in the films ‘Boiler Room’ starring Ben Affleck and ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ staring Leonardo di Capprio.

The last film directed by Martin Scorcese somewhat glamourised the life of boiler room ‘loaders’ and of the central character Jordan Belfort.

Bullard leased some 12 bars in the sex tourist area of Nana Plaza from boiler room colleague Paul Hayward but was in the process of selling them off.

He also owned the ‘The Game’ bars in Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok and in Chiang Mai – and like boiler room colleagues had heavily invested in Thailand’s tourism sex industry.

He was also opening a chain of fast food outlets in Pattaya.

Outlaws sign outside Angelwitch in Nana Plaza part of Bullard’s network. Sign now removed.

He actually opened a bar in Sukhumvit Soi 4 called the ‘Crossed Pistons’ for his motorcycling and took over as First National President of the ‘Outlaws’ replacing Norwegian Lars Carlsen. Carlsen however fell out of favour and was banned from the ‘Outlaws’ for attempting to blackmail Bullard.

The Sergeant at Arms for the Thai Outlaws, Alexander Lnu, aka Alexander Checov,” aka Alexander Semencov is currently in detention in New York accused of  conspiring to import 100 kilos of Korean methamphetamine into New York from  Thailand.

Bullard however resigned, it is believed, at the request of his Thai wife

Alex (left) with Philip Shackels (Nike) In red Brit Scott Stammers – all accused of  Korean ice plot by the DEA

Boiler rooms like to move their money by hand in the initial stages and Bullard used couriers such as Chaing Mai based Briton David Strudwicke and Dutchman Albert Andre Hoogeven. He has however attempted to do the same himself as this story translated from Tagalog from FEBC Philippines in 2006 indicates.

(Link) Money couriers

Bullard (far right) Hoogeven fourth from left diving in the Philippines

Bullard had recently been very angry with Thai police who had raided not only a boiler room off Sukhumvit which he had controlled, but also his personal apartment. He said he had felt he had paid police enough – but they always came back for more.

More recently it is reported that his sex establishments were hardest hit by police who appeared to single them out in a recent crackdown on opening hours in Bangkok.

His boiler room empire stretched to Manila to the East and also included rooms in Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur, He formerly closely associated with British boiler room boss Paul John Hayward and fellow American from Georgia, Mark Hutcherson, from Georgia and Jack Prather, also from Georgia.

Fellow boiler room operator from Georgia, Mark Stephen Hutcherson, is also reported today to have returned to the United States permanently. No secondary confirmation as yet.


Last December 3rd a new company was registered at 225/19 M 13 Ban Waen, Hangdong, Chiang Mai which is the premises for  Bullard’s ‘The Game’ pub. The company called Subworld Thailand with 2 million baht capital and the shares are recorded are recorded as 100 per cent owned by a Chatri Tancharoen. This name features as a director of a number of holding companies registered at Suite 3101 of the Abdul Rahman Building in Bangkok. One of those companies is Natai Development Square Co.Ltd one of whose directors was the controversial Eric Mark Levine of ‘California Fitness’ (google for California Fitness Bangkok debacle).
There is an army officer with the same name as Chatri. This may not be significant. It is not clear what happens to Bullard’s riches upon his death and whether they will go to Anne and his new son – because most he has put in the name of Thai nominees. He does however have a sister Christine, of Christine’s Restaurant, Bangkok, who is married to (Donald) Shane Smith whose name along with that of the wife of one of his henchmen Albert Andre Hoogeven is on many of Bullard’s companies. 

Links to some of Bullards’ businesses and boiler rooms at FraudRecovery