THAI VISA IN THE DOCK the biggest English language internet forum in Thailand appears to be heading for a period of controversy. 

It is troubled first by its links to fraud in the shape of its shared connections with Bangkok boiler rooms, and also by the appearance of its boss George Anderssen in court in Prachuap Khiri Kan.

These combined problems probably might make complaints by posters about the forum’s arrogant moderators a mere irritant.

The Thai Visa boss made his court debut two days ago in an action for fraud brought by a Mr. Grahame Beecham, who was apparently a business partner. A judge will give his judgment in two weeks as to whether Gorgeous George will stand trial.

Beecham does not however appear to be a shareholder of The shareholders when I was last updated were:


Of 200,000 shares:

Erik George Anderssen, 500 shares, Shana Marie Kongman, 500, Barry James Main, 500, Rainer Rossler, 300, Gregory John Lange, 1 and A&P Consulting Co Ltd, 187,994 (93.997%)

But the Thai Visa website company is not being sued – its the Thai Visa Property Company – one of its latest business ventures.

The former sole director of A&P Consulting was Joshua Thomas Johnson-Konechny, a famous old Sunbelt Asia guy.

But he has been replaced by a Ms Pharaphan Meksiriwilai who technically is now the majority shareholder of ThaiVisa – but I am guessing she’s just some sort of employee of Konechny, who, yes you guessed provides serviced offices for both the Nana Group, which runs Nana Entertainment Plaza, and a company called PowerHouse Motorcycles, belonging to Glendon Bullard.

So here we are back at ‘Boiler Room Central’ again. Glendon Bullard from Georgia is a notorious boiler room king, and the master lease on the Nana is controlled by his colleague in crime Briton Paul Hayward from Birmingham.

Meanwhile ThaiVisa’s lawyer Somsak Chokapa, who gives advice to Thai Visa readers, and appears to be even actually commissioned by others, is now also hawking for customers in the general news columns.

He is also promoting the talents of a Mr. Michael Leiberman as a debt collector. Michael Leiberman seems to run the Expat Law Company out of an address in Soi Kaotalo, Pattaya, and hangs out at the lobby of meetings of Neils Colov’s Pattaya Expat Club.


Coincidentally out of the same address in Soi Kaotalo is a company called International Executive Enterprise with Somsak as the sole director.

Somsak Chokapa is of course also used as a fixer by Bangkok’s boiler room boys  for their private companies and is director of for instance or Glen Bullard’s, or the reported late Glen Bullard’s, ‘La Fayette Enterprises’ along with Donald Shane Smith (Bullard’s brother in law).


Local lawyers of course have been happy to front for ‘The Wolves of Bangkok’  so Somsak Chokapa has been fronting for Americans Bullard and his brother in law Shane Smith,

Together with Ron Cristal (Ronnachai Kritsadaolarn) and Tsar Mulvana, Somsak has also been fronting for Paul Hayward’s or Hilton’s Eclipse Group or associated companies.

Mark Hutcherson has been operating using the Phuket address of American lawyer Mathew McEvily who has a great name for a representative of boiler rooms which have cleaned out people of their pensions.


Michael Leiberman, who is small fry was also the director with Somsak of a company called Janmac Holdings.

Now I am not quite sure that debt collecting  is a job for which a foreigner can get a work visa.


It’s going to be interesting to see how things pan out.

With Bullard reported as having died in Pai, Northern Thailand and  Hutcherson* reported as having left to go to the US – neither event has been formally confirmed – Briton Hayward now becomes Thailand’s biggest player.

He does not like the spotlight when he cannot control the beam.

But then again expect some smoke and mirrors.

* Hutcherson later died in Texas.