Bullard (sober)

The United States Consulate in Chiang Mai northern Thailand has confirmed the death of Glendon Richard Bullard, the US ‘boiler room’ king and former President of the Thai chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club on March 7th.

The statement appears to put an end to suspicions that he faked his own death, quite a common occurrence in South East Asia, according to a local insurance investigator.

The remains of Bullard were viewed by Vice Consul Ryan M Reynolds.

It is not quite clear how Bullard’s empire and assets will be carved up. But a number of people are holding his cash in their names stand to make a killing.

His death will also have major knock-on consequences on the future of the Nana Entertainment Complex in Sukhumvit Soi 4, Bangkok, perhaps south east Asia’s best known sex tourist destination which is packed with a mix of go-go bars staffed by Thai women and ladyboy prostitutes.

The ‘Nana’ master lease is owned by the Nana Group, the titular managing director of which is Shane Smith, Bullard’s brother-in-law who, like Bullard,from is from Georgia, United States.

Bullard himself took out sub leases on many bars in the plaza and acted as ‘de facto; strongman on the spot, until he relocated to Chiang Mai but the real controller is Paul John Hayward, aka Paul Hilton, aka Hong Kong Paul, a boiler room boy from Birmingham, England, who survived the boiler room raids of 2000 (as did all bosses) and went on to rise to the top of the boiler room pile in Bangkok.

Hayward is now estimated to be worth some US$200 million – but almost all his fortune is distributed among ‘nominees’ and he boasts he does not even have a bank account,. This may well be why international agencies are having difficulty dealing with him.

The Bangkok boiler rooms have traditionally been given protection by Thai Police, including officers of the old Crime Suppression Division, the Immigration Departnent (which provided the visas for the constant flow of openers and loaders) and to a lesser extent the Lumpini Police, of which off duty officers serve as bouncers in Nana Plaza.

The take-over of the Nana Plaza has however led to a drastic loss in business. This may be attributed to the drastic increases in the price of drinks and ‘bar fines’  (what you pay to take a woman out of the bar) which were controlled by Bullard and shaven headed Hayward.

StickmanBangkok points out that leases are now about to be renewed in the Plaza, while Hayward says he is committed to pay off a massive loan to the Exim Bank, whose cash kiosk and ATM outside the centre are said to be the busiest in Bangkok. The owner of the property of course in the Indian-Thai owned FICO corporation which in the UK owns The Lion in Shrewsbury and the White Swan in Halifax, but  which in Bangkok owns one Holiday Inn, two Novotels, the Grand Millenium, The Muse, together with a smattering hotels in Germany.  FICO does not however put the Nana up on its website.

One World – One Vision – CASH

It is of course illegal in Thailand to provide women for prostitution but I believe that some 60 million Thais and a few million tourists think that a blind eye has been turned to this law.

Bangkok’s boiler rooms appear to be under some pressure, even though they appeared to have scaled up their operations since the military took over the government.

Suckers bar in Nana

At a recent meeting of boiler room figures the author of this site, yours truly, was mentioned again as being a major source If not THE major source, of their problems.

This is somewhat of an exaggeration, but this site has since been blocked by the Thai government in Thailand, though I cannot say there is a connection (other crooks have claimed credit) and I have since received messages saying that a two million baht reward has been put up for my whereabouts.

I have seriously thought of claiming the reward. But a little bird inside my head tells me not to trust them. Hayward did not earn US$200 million from victims in Britain, Europe and Australiasa by telling the truth.

(left: original headline in the Times (Times2) on an article by the author on Bangkok’s boiler rooms)