Bangkok Boiler Rooms Getting Twitchy


     An anonymous blog has appeared on the net. It looks like it may have been created by an ex-Bangkok boiler room employee but I have not quite been able to decipher the messages.

The blog is centred around two characters. One is Paul Hayward and the other is Michael ‘Micky’ Doherty. Actually it’s been around for a few months but only recently has my attention been drawn to it.

The WordPress blog titled ‘Bangkoksadventures.file’ features three stories: ‘The Astrology Course’, ‘Hayward the Spy’ (Paul Hayward and Michael Doherty Corporate Espionage), ‘Paul and Michael’s Dream’ and ‘Paul Hayward Regrets’.

All stories feature a pub called the ‘Eclipse’.

Hayward – 

This appears to be cutting close to the knuckle. Paul Hayward from Birmingham is of course now the major operator of boiler rooms in Bangkok and Bucharest. He made his initial money working for Jon Kealy at the Brinton Group boiler rooms which were raided by Thai and Australian Federal Police and the FBI some 14 years ago- and then he went on to form his own rooms the first of which Jackson Cole targeted British punters and pensioners.

One of his ways to launder the cash, which was coming in to Thailand in suitcases from Manila, Hong Kong, and Singapore, was to buy the ‘Eclipse Group’ which runs pubs and nightclubs in Bangkok.

The boss of the Eclipse Group Irishman Michael Doherty soon became the titular head of an empire which included such theme bars as ‘The Australian’ ‘The Kiwi’, Coyotes (Mexican restaurants) and Irish theme bars across Bangkok, Koh Samui and Phuket – as well as of course in Singapore and Hong Kong, plus in Bangkok the food and catering (Asia East Foods)  and drinks supply businesses.


Then you have to add clubs like Levels, Q Bar, Sugar, etc

Jon Kealy, Hayward’s former boss at the Brinton Group, publicly separated himself from  Hayward says his business were too straight and he wanted nothing to do with the business.

Company checks however tell another story – and law enforcement authorities now have records of in excess of 100 companies formed in Thailand which have been set up to disburse the businesses, which include sex bars in Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and in Pattaya.


Hayward, who lives in Bangkok ‘Little Britain’ in Thonglor,  portrays himself as a living example of ‘Crime Does Pay’ and he is said to now be worth some US200 million which actually he does not exactly own. He put his name, he thinks, to nothing, and does this by putting the companies in the names of people he can control.

His ratings recently went up when his colleague boiler room operator Glendon Richard Bullard, a much more high profile figure, and drugs user, dies of an overdose in Pai, in Mae Hong Son Province, in northern Thailand – just two weeks after a marriage to a Bangkok woman.

The Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok master lease in being held in the name of Shane Smith, Bullard’s brother in law from Georgia. This is probably the world’s busiest open brothel attended by hundreds of Brits on a nightly basis.

In fact it is controlled by Hayward rigidly. Hence Bangkok’s legendary reputation as a destination for a cheap, er, leg-over, has crashed through the floor!

But what is the meaning of this blog. Well I am getting the message – worries, turncoat, and eclipse of the empire.  Any other translations would be appreciated.