American Mark Stephen Hutcherson, one of the ‘Bangkok Five’ group of boiler room fraudsters operating out of South East Asia, was buried this evening in Hill Country Memorial Gardens in Braunfels, Texas.
Hutcherson died on June 20th in nearby Plano just a week short of his 55th birthday. He is reported to have died of a gunshot wound according to reports reaching Thailand. But these reports cannot be confirmed.  No foul play is suspected. 
A funeral home ‘obituary’ from Turrentine Jackson Morrow stated: 

Mark became an international entrepreneur and investor. He was a sports enthusiast, had a real passion for life, and loved to travel. Mark will be greatly missed.”

Mark Stephen Hutcherson is succeeded by his Thai wife Phaphada Hucherson, variously known as Paphada Cometip, Paphada Jamonma,  Sukhansa Jamonman, Sukhansa Cometip, and Sukhansa Hutcherson.  
Phaphada is the half-sister of former Governor of Bangkok Apirak Kosayodhin.
Apirak a leading member of the Democratic Party of Thailand was investigated over a corrupt purchase of fire trucks on behalf of the city – but insufficient evidence was found to prosecute. He is a champion of the social media and use of it in politics.
When Hutcherson was kidnapped in Bangkok in April 2007 from his condo in Lard Prao, Bangkok, his wife Phaphada  had the presence of mind to call the United States Embassy rather than the Thai


This was fortuitous as the kidnap was carried out by officers of the Royal Thai Police.

Two were later jailed for 12 years. One escaped (with the ransom cash) and two former employers of Hutcherson and British boiler room operator Paul Hayward called John and James McCleary were jailed for 18 years.  
John and James McCleary claimed they had gone to police to report boiler room crime.
 Hutcherson had already paid out some US$400,000 of a total US$800,000 in ransom money demanded – and the money has never been replaced. 
Hutcherson is also a director of the Eclipse Group, which is controlled by one of his colleagues in the ‘Bangkok Five’, Paul John Hayward.  
The Eclipse Group  runs theme bars including ‘The Australian’ and ‘The Kiwi’ off the city’s Sukhumvit Road, and nightclubs including, Levels, Q Bar, and Bash.
His death closely follows the death of another  American and ‘Bangkok Five” member Glendon Richard Bullard, an ardent Republican supporter from Georgia, who was certified dead in Pai, Mae Hong Son province of Thailand in March two weeks after getting married.

So many people suspected that Bullard’s death was stunted – that colleagues circulated a photograph of him in his coffin to cut down on the gossip.
At the time of Hutcherson’s death Hutcherson was reported in the Thai newspaper Thai Rath as being a wealthy American oil company executive.  
In fact the oil company, Energy Explorations International Inc.  of which he was an executive, was a paper company only and a boiler room operation.  
From fraudulently dealing in real shares in the United States Hutcherson had discovered the cash advantages in selling bogus shares in real or fake companies as a boiler room boss or ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.
In 2000 the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)  ordered Hutcherson to pay a $10,000 fine and $8.31 million in restitution and to never again seek registration as a commodities broker after they brought a series of charges against him in connection with a company called the Dunhill Financial Group.
The Dunhill Company lost 91.4 per cent of customer cash invested with it up to March 1999.
It is not known if he repaid the cash. 
But within two years a company called Dunhill Capital opened up as a boiler room operating out of Thailand, along with other boiler room operations Smith Fairchild and Jackson Cole and McKenzie King.
Dunhill Capital touted a fake company  called International Biometrics headed by conman Gary V. Lloyd, The principals in Dunhill Capital were Paul Hayward, from Birmingham and Hutcherson – and soon they were to be joined by Jack Fletcher Prather, Paul Richard Bell, and Glendon Bullard in a boiler room called Premium Placements.
Hutcherson in Phuket
Now all members of the Bangkok Five were together and from then on they were to run boiler rooms out of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Manila, Jakarta , Spain and Eastern Europe.
The following boiler room companies were all run by the Bangkok Five  according to the Confederation of Defrauded Victims which represents cheated clients. 

-Warner Beck Inc., Emmerson-Bennett Trading Group Ltd., Baker and White Inc., Jameson West Associates Ltd., Carver Brooks and Associates Ltd., Cahill and Audleman, McBain Baxter Holdings Ltd. The Stockton Group. Ltd., The Roth Group Ltd., The Danier Group, Leberman & Steine Ltd., Montesiore & Lutz, Tlway Texway.

The Eclipse companies were registered to buy up bars and clubs in Bangkok. Pattaya and Phuket to launder money which was brought into Thailand in cash from banks in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and the Philippines.
For the last four years the Eclipse Group through Paul Hayward has been transferring cash through the Eclipse Group and investing in Crawley Town Football Club in Sussex. It is understood that supporters’ club groups are seeking clarification from the management of the club and have been trying to do so for some months as to who has been financing the club. 

Hayward to the left and Michael Doherty of Eclipse partially hidden by woman – on the
right ia Ryan Hayward Philippines based operational boss and brother of Paul on right

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