The Pattaya Business Forum is offering a never to be beaten chance of owning a luxury resort on the yet to be fully developed Thai paradise island of Koh Kut. 

Bryan Flowers – Thumbs up U.K!


Ring a bell?  Haven’t I written about the much-decorated former Danish gangster Neil Colov doing just the same? Must be age.

Oh, it is the same resort.  And the Pattaya Business Association is Niels Colov and a couple of others.

Ah well, if this is the first you have heard about investing in Colov’s resort idea, the one where you provide the cash and he provides the experience and bricks,  then you need to go back to Part 1 ‘Niels Colov’s Race Against Time’.

If you want to know more about the Pattaya Business Forum read on, but I have to tell you that its the same thing.  This is not really a business forum at all. It exists only in the imagination of Niels and his cohorts. They just want bodies to whom to sell a resort. They put in their own bodies first, then hope bodies with smart suits and a similar taste in watches to Thailand’s deputy prime minister follow on.


But Niels, the Pattaya media magnate and former Copenhagen pimp, with 13 million baht in debts, can still gather a motley range of ‘business people’ together for a picture opp.

Flowers and Colov circled

But. before I go on, I have to state that, while I have delved deeper than the average correspondent in Thailand into Pattaya’s rather sordid nether-world, I have always drawn a journalistic line of good taste limit.

Today I have to lower that invisible line.


Colov’s first mate in the project ‘Pattaya Business Forum’, to add to the plethora of other business forums, chambers of commerce etc. in the city, is none other than Bryan Flowers, the Brit founder of a website and community called ‘Pattaya-Addicts’.   Yes. I did not want to go here.

Bryan Flowers arrived in Pattaya as a 23-year-old Brit of few virtues and lost those few he had to become a self-confessed sex tourist. He claims he went to University, and went broke in Pattaya spending all his money on booze and ‘shagging’ having become addicted to the lifestyle.

To support his lifestyle, Flowers, from Coventry then began the ‘Pattaya Addicts’ web forum from which he organized ‘Bar Crawls’ with ‘Shagging’ competitions in Pattaya Soi 6, an infamous street known for its bars with short-time rooms (which the police overlook, but raid when they are hungry).

The winner of the competitions was who could ‘shag’ the most bar girls during a bar crawl from one end of the Soi to another.


Some of Flowers’ bars

Using, say his critics, the power of his website, which also rated the bars and the bar girls, he gradually took over some 12 bars in the street, hence triply profiting from the bar crawls. (Drinks and room fees).

Simultaneously he started to go to the gym and meet some of Pattaya’s other foreign ‘achievers’.

He also set up  ‘Pattaya Investigations Agency’ which advertised it would investigate the fidelity of his own bar girls, but not of male punters.


In other words, he could charge punters for letting them know their girlfriends are being unfaithful, which of course he knew, because, it’s their business and they have to pay him a ‘fee’ everytime they are. And for the ones he does not know about, well there was a fraternity of bar owners.  He says he passed on that business many years ago.

Due perhaps to his brilliant business plan and new status, and with the help of his mentor Niels Colov, the Royal Thai Government’s Labour Department has issued Bryan with a ‘Work Permit’ though I do not know what as.

But if past records are to go by I do not seek why the Board of Investment is also not giving him some concessions. but this is a bad week what with the President of Zambia describing Thailand as a sex tourist destination.

Niels Colov has entrusted the majority shareholding of Paradise Residence Koh Kut to his wife, Passanan.


Paradise Residence does not exist and has no capital. That’s where the punters come in and Mr.and Mrs. Colov look forward to your business.

Incidentally, Koh Kut is where Colov says he wants to retire, so you may have them for neighbours.


Meanwhile, Flowers says on his Facebook page that he will be a Thai citizen in three to six years and that local police refer to him as ‘Mr. Soi 6 Mafia.’  That for Pattaya Police is not an insult but a term of endearment. It means they do business with him.


(Pattaya does not have a high profile respectable foreign community who the police and turn to comprising say, retired judges, admirals, air-vice marshals, or diplomats, despite there be a thriving gay community).

Brian has been helping out promoting the Pattaya Business Forum. It’s odd that he does not appear to be investing himself, as he has recently been looking for somewhere other than his wife’s bank account, to hide his cash – specifically in a property.

Niels Colov has been doing the promotions in the Pattaya People and Pattaya People TV.


And finally, the business forum itself is being run by ‘motivational speaker’ and self-styled internet guru David Cavanagh.

I don’t want to dwell too much on Cavanagh other than to point out a massive discount offered to customers recently.

If you book for one of his US$7,997 workshops in April now you can get a ticket for US$197!

Yes, you’re right, nobody is going to buy at nearly £8000 and not many are going to buy at US$197. But that’s why he thinks he is a genius marketer!

But two people who did sign up for his courses were Drew Noyes and Ray Teret. Drew Noyes promotes himself all over the net and together with ‘Ugli’ Ray Teret, who liked to keep a low profile, attended a course which covered such areas as marketing (self-promotion), damage limitation (how to flood the net with stuff to drown out bad reviews of yourself) and ‘hiding’ on the net.


Drew Noyes behind Cavanagh (blue in front) and slightly to the left. Teret back row third from the right

Drew Noyes, the former publisher of the Pattaya Times, fled Pattaya back to North Carolina, while on bail and appealing a jail sentence for extortion.

Ray Teret, who I was on the trail of but unfortunately found out a week too late that he attended Cavanagh’s ‘Success Academy’,  was jailed for 25 years in 2014 on seven charges of rape of minors and one indecent assault of a minor. His youngest victim was 12.


Teret was the former chauffeur and general companion to the late disgraced British DJ Jimmy Savile who, after his death, was exposed as a serial sexual predator.

Some 214 cases were recorded against Savile, mainly rapes and most against juveniles.

David Cavanagh cannot, I stress, be responsible for the good character of his clients. But he will be aware of his business colleagues.

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