The Khao Sod newspaper today has printed a story expressing shock at the goings on at a nightclub restaurant in the northern capital,

At the restaurant in Canal Road, Hang Dong, activities going on there were posted on the internet. Judging by the headlines it is the posting of the pictures on the internet which has caused the most upset.

The Khao Sod newspaper duly then republished the pictures with appropriate censorship

According to the reports participants were lustfully simulating love-making.  While of course this is not appropriate behavior anywhere, Region 5 are searching for the person who put these activities on the internet and considering using the Computer Crime Act.

In the ensuing controversy a bisexual nicknamed ‘Kai’ apparently attempted to commit suicide by taking poison. But he has his stomach pumped at a local hospital.

The pictures appear to be going viral after links were posted on social networks. The story does not appear in the English language net version of Khao Sod. Quite clearly foreigners have not see this sort of stuff before.