April 2007

Diplomat Abandons Blog Amid Flurry Of Insults

British traffic cop turns to ‘sex trafficker’  Picture left APFrom Andrew Drummond, Bangkok May 21 2008A former Liverpool traffic policeman was arrested in Thailand yesterday for trafficking in women to the sex slave trade in Britain.Ian Shuttleworth, aged 42, was arrested at his Bangkok apartment after a tip of to Thai police.He is alleged to […]

Our man in BKK upsets Thais and expats in patronising weblog

Scotsman Friday April 13 2007 Our man in Bangkok upsets Thais and expats in ‘patronising’ weblog ANDREW DRUMMOND IN BANGKOK THE Scottish deputy head of Britain’s mission in Bangkok has given up his internet blog after three days of insults on the internet, mainly  from angry Britons in Thailand. Ian Proud, also the head of the […]