July 2009

Briton Arrested For Third Time On Child Sex Charges Thailand

Briton arrested for third time for child abuse as Britain’s CEOP faces criticismJuly 22 2009A British property developer, whose family owned large estates in Ireland, has been arrested for the third time in the Thai beach resort of Pattaya for child sex abuse.Robert Alexander Horsman, 45, from Ipswich, was first arrested in March 2006. Then […]

A Boy's Drowning And Thai Visa.Com – A Protest

I very rarely lose it but I am absolutely disgusted at comments allowed on Thai in the news cuttings section ‘Boy drowned under whirpool in Pattaya Park’ and this is after censorship by the board’s moderators. This is about a 14-year-old boy Nathan Clark a British boy who drowned a couple of days ago. […]

Family Horror As Boy Dies Trapped In Thai Theme Park Tunnel

Link to the Daily Mail Link to The Guardian Link to the SUNLink to Daily Express Link to The IndependentLink to Metro Link to BBC; Link to Sky News  Link to Daily TelegraphLink to Daily Mirror Link to Daily Star From Andrew Drummond, Bangkok,Pictures: Andrew Chant &  BC PicturesJuly 12 2009A fourteen-yr-old British boy died at Thai theme Water Park after […]

All The Bad Boy-Girls Love A Sailor

Lady boy of Bangkok walks off with Australian Navy’s little secrets An Australian Naval officer has lost his official computer after picking up a ‘lady boy’ in a Bangkok red light area. Nana Plaza The officer Lt. Commander Peter De Maskens, a qualified helicopter pilot, was in Bangkok on official business  and had gone out […]