September 2008

Ex Thai PM Linked To Corruption With Burma Junta

Thailand’s Supreme Court has issued another arrest warrant for Thaksin Shinawatra, the ousted premier, this time for cashing in on Burma’s military junta while offering himself as a mediator with the repressive regime.While Mr Thaksin, until recently owner of Manchester City F.C., offered Thailand as host country for talks with Burma, he was secretly cashing […]

Thailand In Political Deadlock Over New Prime Minister

Thailand was in a political deadlock today after the country’s parliament could not find a quorum to vote in a new Prime Minister.Deposed Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, who was forced to resign for breaking conflict of interest laws by going on a television show called Cooking and Grumbling, had hoped coalition government members, who have […]

Thai 'State Of Emergency' Lull As Government Waits Budget Day

Thousands  of tourists , hundreds of them British, continued their slow evacuation from the Thai capital Bangkok tonight as a ‘State of Emergency’ declared by the government provided a lull in violence.The  state enterprise unions, who have joined the anti-government protest, allowed flights to continue uninterrupted from Bangkok and the country’s southern resorts of Phuket […]

State Of Emergency – Thai Government Bribed For Votes

An uneasy truce hung over Bangkok today after State of Emergency was declared at the end of a night of violence in the Thai capital.Children were sent scurrying home from schools, workers went on strike, tourists, thousands of them British, struggled to get out of the country, and anti-government protesters dug themselves deeper into Government […]