September 2007

The Burmese Officer At My Dinner Table – September 29 2007

The Burmese officer cadet at my dinner tableFrom Andrew Drummond, Bangkok, September 29 2007The former Burma officer cadet at my dinner table this week did not blink an eye when I asked him how could the Burmese soldiers so regularly turn their guns on their own people.Or indeed how could they crush the skulls of […]

Hero Pulled Others From Wreckage – The Times

Hero pulled others from wreckageFrom The Times September 18, 2007Andrew Drummond, Simon de Bruxelles and Will PaviaA British traveller has been hailed a hero by the Prime Minister of Thailand for hauling fellow passengers from the burning wreckage of the aircraft in which at least 88 people died.Peter Hill, 35, from Manchester, was praised for […]

We saw passengers ..,” says survivors of Phuket air crash

 ‘We saw passengers engulfed in fire,’ says survivors of Phuket air disaster – The Times September 17 2007From The Times September 17, 2007Andrew Drummond in Bangkok, Andrew Chant in Phuket and Fiona HamiltonSurvivors of a horrific runway crash that killed nearly 90 passengers told last night how their plane disintegrated on impact as they arrived […]

Saint In Yellow Saved Me'- The Australian September 17 2007

Andrew Drummond and Elizabeth GoschSeptember 18, 2007ROBERT Borland was on fire and covered in aviation fuel when he was dragged from the blazing wreckage of the Phuket plane crash by a Thai passenger he calls the ‘saint in yellow”.Speaking from his Phuket hospital bed, where he is recovering from a broken arm, burns to his […]

The One Who Got Away – Nation, Bangkok, September 16 2007

The one who got awayHeroin pusher David McMillan infamously escaped the ‘Bangkok Hilton’ – but he lived like a prince on the inside. publish on September 16, 2007The man I glimpse in London seems innocuous enough. Used to hiding in crowds, he now travels to work against the morning commuter rush to Dorking, a small […]

Drug Runner – A Dead Man Laughing – The Australian

 Andrew Drummond, Bangkok | September 08, 2007THIS is one of the world’s most notorious – and remarkable – heroin traffickers: Melbourne man David McMillan. He should be dead. Or at least wasting away in a Thai jail awaiting death by hanging.Instead, on this September morning when The Weekend Australian tracked him down to London’s Fulham […]

Hill-Tribe Men 'Set Up' For Rape, Murder Of Aussies

By  Andrew Drummond and Jim PollardTHAI police set up two hill-tribe men to take the rap for the murder of Australian student Kelvin Bourke and the rape of his girlfriend Sheri McFarlane in northern Thailand in 2000.Thailand’s Supreme Court delivered a final appeal verdict in Chiang Mai on Monday, acquitting two men previously given the […]