June 2009

Briton Who Survived Assassination Attempt Found Murdered

From Andrew Drummond, BangkokTuesday June 30th 2009Pictures: Andrew ChantLink to Daily Mail storyA retired British surveyor who survived an attempted assassination by communist rebels in the Philippines has been found murdered with his throat cut during a robbery at his home.The body of Paul Roberts, 61, was found by his 12-yr-old son Daniel at their […]

£10,000 For Eye Shadow At King Power-Bangkok Airport Scam

Police volunteer admitted that 160 tourists were scammed including six Britons. ‘No I dont want a laptop I’ve got too many of those. Jewellery will do.’ Link to British couple fight airport extortionists Pictures Andrew Chant Duty free She sat there clutching a plastic bag containing a lipstick along with a till receipt for 570 […]

Paedophiles Fight Back In Thailand

Two suspected paedophiles have had a former Thai police volunteer arrested in the Thai resort of Pattaya for harassment and blackmail. The two paedophiles,  a Swede and a Briton, whose names have been withheld, had both agreed to pay ?2000 and ?3000 respectively for indulging in under age sex with young boys. One withdrew the […]

Memorial For DJ Who 'Needlessly' Drowned In Thailand

Friends and relatives are to host a memorial party to a 21-yr-old DJ from Surrey,  who,  they say,  needlessly drowned in Thailand after authorities in the holiday island of Phuket cut down on beach safety procedures. Last week James Patton, 21, from Beacon Hill, Hindhead, was the third tourist to drown in two days on […]

Auto Erotic Asphyxia A Serial Killer

This is a blog only Scripps as one of the 101 dalmations. Not your average serial killer No sooner than I thought I had put the David Carradine story to bed then out came the conspiracy theorists. As readers of this site will know, Carradine was found hanging in a cupboard in his room in the Nai Let Park Hotel […]

British Tourist Dies As Thai Authorities Cut Down On Safety

British tourist dies as Thai authorities cut down on safety procedures.Link to ScotsmanFrom Andrew Drummond,Bangkok June 8 2009A 21-yr-old pregnant British girl returned home to Heathrow today after her boyfriend became the latest in a series of tragic drownings on the Thai holiday island of Phuket.Bethan Jones, left behind the body of her boyfriend James […]

David's Deviant Behaviour Was Potentially Deadly -Ex Wife

Carradine’s deviant behaviour was deadly, claims ex wife.From Andrew Drummond, BangkokLink to Mail on SundayAfter the body of Hollywood star David Carradine was flown out of Bangkok today sensational claims that the star routinely committed ‘deviant sexual behaviour which was potentially deadly’ have been revealed in divorce papers lodged by his ex-wife.In the papers lodged […]

Sex Game Of 'Kill Bill' Star Found Dead In Hotel Cupboard

Hollywood Actor David Carradine  was found dead in a Bangkok hotel today  amid suggestions that he killed himself accidently during an attempt at auto-eroticism. The 72-yr-old actor and lead in ‘Kill Bill’ was found dead in a hotel in Bangkok famous for its shrine dedicated to phallic power.  The body of Carradine who rose to […]

Hollywood Star Was Hung By His Neck And Genitals Say Police

From Andrew Drummond,  Bangkok. June 5 2009Link to Daily Mail Link to Daily Record Thai police today withdrew their suicide theory on the death of Hollywood star David Carradine and admitted that he may have died accidentally during a sex act.After a night of confusion Thai Police General said the possibility that Carradine died while indulging in […]