November 2012

Pattaya Brit Fined In Britain For Being A Pest

He’s been described as a playboy living the life of luxury in the sun at the age of 25. But the story of Gary McNeish, who with his colleague Chris Niebel from Manchester has been working phone scams, seems the saddest story of the week to me. Isn’t life great – Gary seems to be […]

I won’t say nyet to Vietjet

Ok – I just like the picture. Not a gay male attendant in sight and all the female ones dressed in shorts similar to the ones I potter around the garden in. A Flying Sporran Chauvanistic Travel Advisory. From February next yeart you will be able to fly to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) from […]

EXCLUSIVE – How Bangkok’s amateur ‘financial brokers’ lost millions-

CHARTS SHOW RECKLESS ABANDON -They cold call you at your office or home and they give the impression they are the ‘bees knees’ in the financial business and will even warn you against rogue traders.  But Bangkok’s ‘Independent Financial Advisors’ are giving international finance, well, a bad name, and expats – and it is expats […]

Drew Noyes In New Libel Court Tomorrow –

The effrontery of it all! Drew Noyes, the American businessman first exposed for fraudulent dealings by the American newspaper the Wilmington Morning Star and more recently for other matters on this site, will tell a court tomorrow (Monday) that he has been libeled in a picture caption which read ‘Going to Jail’. He claims the […]

Exclusive! Women Who Cut Off Husbands’ Penises Could Be Jealous

-Exclusive to Guardian readers only though, where a plethora of penile amputations in Thailand has all got something to do with schadenfreude- zzzzzzz! Flying Sporran’s Weekend Diary- Sometimes I love the Guardian – or Manchester Guardian as I prefer to call it. I have written for it many times, more so in the distant past […]

Machete Attack! Krabi Tourism Attacked Again

Just when the tourism woes of the Thai province of Krabi seemed to have died down, the video ‘Evil Man in Krabi’ having been put to the back of most people’s minds, another blow comes from the Sun.  Britain’s biggest selling daily has run a story about a machete attack on a young British couple there. Actually […]

EXCLUSIVE -Top Financial Advisor – Now Laundering in Pattaya

  -The Football Fund, Financial Advisors, and Newspaper Ethics- Football Fund CEO now runs dry cleaners – And client who lost US$60,000 to Bangkok ‘financial advisor’ blamed for having ‘smallmanitus’ Remember ‘The Football Fund’? This was a financial fund set up to make loads of cash out of football and launched with a spectacular fanfare in […]

Briton dies one year after Thai ambush – Murder Hunt begins –

ESSEX DECORATOR DISPUTED BILL EVENING STANDARD (Paul Ayling with mother Anita) A 48-year-old Briton has died in hospital in Britain after over a year on life support after being attacked in a Thai beach resort. Paul Ayling, from Thorpe Bay, Essex, had been attacked in Hua Hin, 140 miles south of Bangkok . The British […]

‘What’s yer bevvy Jimmy? Black Coke?

‘Aw haud yer whisht –  an gie us yon bottle ae ‘Blaand’. If there’s one thing Scots can do its to distill a good whisky, and beer too if you like Belhaven’s.  But there has been a new development in my homeland which is causing me concern – and its going to be stacked on the shelves […]

Satellite Images Show Widespread Attacks on Rohingya

Today I am taking the unusual step of publishing a report by Human Rights Watch on what’s happening to the Rohingya in Burma (Myanmar) without any comment. I am very concerned. Genocide may be too harsh a term to use, or it it? But ASEAN is hardly raising a voice – nor apparently is Aung […]