March 2011

BBC: The Shocking Truth About Tourism In Thailand

FROM ANDREW DRUMMONDBANGKOKMarch 29 2011 I am not sure whether the BBC bothered to get all the required permissions but as Thailand this year is being promoted as a foreign film hub perhaps the boys and girls from the corporation managed to slip in under the counter during the celebrations. Living the agony: Stacey working […]

I Wanna Go Home' Says British 'Punk' Caught In Thailand's

From Andrew Drummond, Bangkok,March 31 2011Five months after he was found wasting away chained to cell bars in Pattaya police station Briton Richard Hewitt has still not been allowed home, because of legal complications which have delayed a simple case of overstaying his visa.Hewitt, 48, from Brownhills, Birmingham, now revealed in his youth as being a […]

Grieving Father Starts Thai Travel Tragedy Website

FROM ANDREW DRUMMOND, BANGKOKMarch 31 2011The father of a 23-yr-old New Zealand woman who died in hospital in Chiang Mai after being taken seriously ill in a city centre hotel is launching a website to warn travellers that Thailand is no real paradise.Richard Carter, father of Sarah Carter said: ‘We just want to make travellers […]

Thailand's Aviation Cover-Up And Bonnie Rind

Bonne Rind is a fighter and she is appalled at a system which allows the bosses of an airline, which has flagrantly disregarded the safety of its passengers, to get off scot free. Bonne Rind Bonnie no doubt remains unphased any more by the lack of any campaigning action by the Thai press. As she […]

Secretary, Biro, Drummond's Posterior, Strike!

Dear Reader, I have succumbed. After a couple of years jotting away on a basic WordPress site, this site is now being revamped and will be up next week in its new glory and no doubt with a few glitches. I may be even off air for a short while.But its a bit like buying […]

Farmer Joe -Thailand's Bernard Matthews

Tough turkey says wife ‘This is Thailand’Plucking away in Hua Hin in bygone days Joe Stanyer, 57, was the equivalent of Britain’s Bernard Matthews, but things are now not so ‘bootiful’ for the former farm labourer from Shifnal, Shropshire.He says his Thai wife sold 8 acres of his ten acre farm from under him and […]

Chiang Mai Public Relations Problems

So today yet more people are coming forward to announce the unusual death of a foreigner in Chiang Mai. Could this Canadian death be linked to the recent spate of deaths of foreigners and one Thai in the northern capital Chiang Mai? And will we ever know?  Probably not. But the next of kin are […]

Now a Canadian death adds to Chiang Mai riddle

Today friends and relatives of Mr. Mah, who worked for Telplus Communications in Edmonton as a telephone installer and repairman, were seeking clarification of the cause of his death saying Mr. Mah had no history of any heart problem. The death was not made public at the time. Now seven weeks have passed but still […]

The Pattaya Link To Worldwide Child Sexual Abuse

Foreign child sex abusers in Pattaya, some of whom were repeatedly released by the police or courts, were targeted in ‘Operation Rescue’ which centred on a website called ‘Boy lover’. The website had 70,000 members dozens of whom were in Thailand or frequent visitors to the country. More arrests are expected in the operation in […]

British Freight Boss On Sex Charges Found Dead

Mr. Pettit, formerly General Manager for Freightliner (Coal) was arrested last year in the Thai northern capital of Chiang Mai in an operation conducted by Thailand Department of Special Investigation and officers of the Transnational Crime Unit working with assistance from Britain’s CEOP, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. Freightliner runs the most of the […]