Andrew Drummond

June 2008

Up Against The Komodo Dragons And Jeremy Clarkson – Blog

So here I am face to face with a Komodo Dragon on Rinca Island in Indonesia where three unfortunate Brits along with a Swede and a Frenchman were washed up after their dive boat went off without them. But no need to worry. The park rangers gave me this white stick when I arrived on […]

Alone On Dragon Island How Swept Away During Dive Survived

By Andrew Drummond For full story and pictures click here Three British divers swept away by powerful currents in the shark-infested Indian Ocean told last night how they fought off an attack by a man-eating Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard. The group were threatened by the 10ft beast as they awaited rescue on a […]

I Decided To Pluck All My Resources To Live

Andrew Drummond, in Bangkok , October 17 2007A suspected paedophile on the run from Interpol apparently boasted about getting a job in a Vietnam school without police checks and advised fellow teachers how to delete pornography on their computers.Christopher Neil, 32, from British Columbia, Canada, is being hunted after allegedly posting some 200 pictures on […]

Dive Industry Split Over 'Open Water' Hero – June 01 08

Dive industry split over ‘Open Water’ drama, but life-saving British diver is ‘real hero’ say colleagues  From Andrew Drummond, Phuket  The British diver involved in the controversial ‘Open Water’ drama off the Great Barrier Reef has been acclaimed as a ‘real hero’ by colleagues despite accusations levelled against him in Australia of negligence. The holiday diving industry […]

I Have No Cash, No Job' Dealing With Compensation Claim

‘I have, no cash, no job, and can’t work’ replies Mr. Swirly after being asked to discuss compensation to child’s father  From Andrew Drummond, BangkokMonday June 2nd 2008 Canadian paedophile suspect Christopher Neil, now better known as ‘Mr. Swirly’, came face to face with the father of one of his victims in court in Bangkok yesterday. But […]