November 2011

Philippines Senator Asked To Investigate Case of Filipinas Lured To The Pattaya Times

FROM ANDREW DRUMMOND,Bangkok, November 29 2011(Updated December 1 2011) A Philippines senator has been asked to look at the case of a young Filipina woman, who was enticed to work in the Thai beach resort of Pattaya by an American newspaper publisher, then forced to leave after she claimed she refused to become his mistress.Although the woman, […]

Russian Mafia – Speedboats – And An Outgoing Rotary Club President

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, Bangkok 28 November 2011 THAI COURTS COME LAST WHEN SEEKING JUSTICE IN THAILAND   The conversation was not muted at all but I guess we were out of earshot of most of the golfers practising their swings at Pattaya Driving Range.  One Asian golfer slicing a ball into the netting to his […]

Pattaya Briton Accused of Child Sex Abuse – Sues and Wins

FROM ANDREW DRUMMOND, BANGKOK NOVEMBER 23 2011 A 69-year-old Briton and regular on the Pattaya gay forums has won undisclosed damages from the SUN newspaper after they described him a ‘paedo’ when he was arrested in a joint CEOP-Thai Police operation in May 2009. George Stanley Gibbs was subsequently acquitted of all charges except immigration offences. At the time […]


Update: But a furious Noyes now threatens girl in Philippines  From ANDREW DRUMMOND, BANGKOK November 19 2011 American publisher Drew Noyes has interrupted his business trip to Angeles City in the Philippines to take the unusual step to announce in his newspaper website that he is not having sex there. In an exclusive story in the Pattaya Times he puts on his […]

VIDEO – Pressure Mounts on Pattaya-Brit Rotary President In Alleged Property Scams

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, BangkokNovember 16 2011  Officials of Pattaya’s  Consumer Protection unit have appealed again to the outgoing President of the city’s biggest Rotary Club to attend city hall for an interview over complaints that he has scammed scores of foreigners out of their holiday and retirement homes.As the list of angry victims of the ‘Emerald Palace’ […]

British Rotary Club President In Property Fraud Row – Reacts With AVengeance

FROM ANDREW DRUMMOND, BANGKOK November 17 2011 The outgoing President of a Pattaya Rotary Club reacted with vengeance today after allegations that he scammed scores of foreigners out of their homes, and cheated them on rents. 63-yr-old Richard Haughton ordered water and electricity to be cut off from residents from his Lake Villas project  in Pattaya […]

American Realtor No Match For Canny Scot On Mobility Scooter

OUT OF TOWN – DIARYFrom ANDREW DRUMMOND,November 15 2011 Joseph McCluskey, aged 74, is a charming and witty Scotsman from Ayr – ‘Rabbie Burns Country’ – and has lived in ‘The Village’, Pattaya, since he retired from teaching.He admits at his age obviously his faculties have waned a bit. He has Parkinson’s disease, sometimes gets […]

EXPOSED – Thai Property Scandal – DSI Investigates British Rotary Club President

A Flying Sporran Enquiry, BangkokNovember 9th 2011  (Updated 11-11-11)  The British President of a Rotary Club in Thailand has reportedly been detained and had his passport confiscated after being accused of swindling foreign property investors out of millions of pounds. Richard Haughton, 63, a former Tupperware salesman, from Birmingham, was cautioned by officers of the Department of Special Investigation from Chonburi […]

Bangkok Diary – Annus Horibilis For Residents At Le Raffine

Bangkok Diary From Andrew Drummond, Bangkok, November 6th As the flood waters spill their way towards the city there are a lot of unhappy bunnies camped out in one of Bangkok’s most expensive condominiums having undergone their own ‘annus horibilis’. I’m talking here about residents of Le Raffiné (refined or sophisticated) in Sukhumvit Soi 24 […]

Pattaya City Expat Club Officials Face Nazi Grilling

 Well it had to happen sooner or later I guess. The ‘Adolf Hitler’ video has another new script this time featuring both American Drew Noyes and his friend Dane Niels Colov, both of whom have  newspapers, property companies, and legal offices in Pattaya. This comes to you courtesy of ‘Pattayascams’. I don’t know who they […]