Andrew Drummond

January 2011

British Border Agency Was Wrong To Deport Thai Bride

Tribunal rules kilt maker ‘who clicked wrong button’ on website cannot easily get rid of Thai bride FROM ANDREW DRUMMONDBANGKOKJanuary 30 2011 A Thai bride who was summarily deported after her 67-yr-old Scottish kilt maker husband decided the marriage was over has won her Immigration Appeal against the British Border Agency Kanokrat Nimsamoot Booth, aged, […]

Thai Policeman Goes Down For Pai Murder

FROM ANDREW DRUMMOND, BANGKOK, January 27 2011 A Thai policeman who murdered his 18-yr-old bride two weeks after their wedding has been sentenced to 25 years after pleading guilty at Pai Provincial Court. Sergeant Uthai Dechawiwat had a life sentence reduced in half after he pleaded guilty. He admitted clubbing his pregnant wife to death […]

Bangkok Post Exposes Britain's 'Wasteful Pensioners'

The rather xenophobic ‘Bangkok Post’ is running with an article today complaining that elderly foreign pensioners, mainly Brits, are being looked after in hospitals in Phuket despite the fact that they have no cash to pay for their treatment.Some 337 foreigners ‘mostly Brits’ were treated in Vachira Hospital last year.  But only 17 were penniless […]

Brit Pensioners Start Murder Fund In Thailand

FROM ANDREW DRUMMOND BANGKOK JANUARY 19 2011 British pensioners in Thailand have started a murder fund after a court released a Thai wife who allegedly commissioned the death of her London husband and then began to milk his bank accounts. Raymond Hind with his wife Fon In Hua Hin, 200 miles south west of Bangkok, […]

Rapists Called Mum During 2 Hour Attack On Woman – Thailand

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, Bangkok,January 13 2011 British Embassy officials in Thailand have assisted in the ‘escape’ from Thailand of a 23-yr-old woman from Manchester who was reportedly involved in a horrific gang-rape on the resort island of Phuket. The woman claimed she was gang raped for two hours by a group of Swedes and Thais […]

Celebrity Rehab Wars Heiress Flees Thai Clinic

ANDREW DRUMMOND January 13 2011 A 31-yr-old property heiress attending a Thai ‘Celebrity Rehab’ clinic is reported to have fled after being sexually assaulted on New Year’s Day by the clinic’s gardener. And in another incident there was a stand-off between staff of two Thai Celebrity ‘Rehab’ clinics after a woman patient asked to be transferred […]

Killer Thai 'Policeman Of The Year' Is In 'Supermax'

From ANDREW DRUMMONDBangkok January 11 2010 Thailand’s Department of Corrections have assured the families of a young couple murdered by Police Sergeant Somchai Wisetsingh in Kanchanaburi that the Sergeant is still behind locked doors in Khaobin ‘Supermax’ prison in Ratchaburi province. The move follows persistent rumours on internet forums in Thailand that Sergeant Wisetsingh has […]

Facing The 'Long Drop'- The Controversy Over Shivaun Orton

Briton Shivaun Orton faces death in Malaysia for drugs trafficking. But was she a trafficker or a victim? And will she be able to convince authorities she had no choice? A comment by Andrew Drummond. Times have changed in the execution business.  In the old days I guess one took along one’s knitting and applauded as […]