December 2011

European Court of Human Rights Accepts Case Of Thai Bride & Scots KiltMaker

European Court accepts plea of Thai wife married to Scots kilt maker Now she claims HE had ‘Turkish delights’ From ANDREW DRUMMOND, Bangkok December 25 2011 A Thai wife, who was blocked from returning to Scotland after her kilt-maker husband told British Border Agency officers that she had deserted him and was having an affair, has […]

Flying Sporran Helps Distressed Canadian Fly Home For Xmas

December 25 2010A Flying Sporran ‘Get you home service’A Merry Christmas to you all and especially to Anna Lee whom we escorted to Suvarnabhumi airport on Christmas Eve on a flight home to Canada.Anna lost everything in Thailand and will have to start life over again in a shelter in Vancouver. She had been trying […]

Face Off: Publisher Threatens To Run Another Out Of Town

WAR OVER PATTAYA 105 INTERVIEW Andrew Drummond December 21 2010 Pattaya 105 – The Big Show with Andrew Drummond Shucks. It seemed like Gettysburg all over again. From the north came Stuart Furstman, 63, a no-nonsense New York publisher, who let off a barrage of abuse at the Southerner he says has cheated him. Then […]

How A Bangkok College Helped Bring Down A British University

ANDREW DRUMMONDDecember 19 2011(This story has been re-submitted after a programme glitch)Soi Thonglor in Bangkok is best known for its upmarket bars and restaurants and is a fitting place for such a noble institution as the Accademia Italiana, a place of learning for followers of fashion and design. So it’s hard to believe how this […]

Libel Me At Your Peril – Warns Pattaya People Boss

A FLYING SPORRAN OVERVIEW (This replaces a story originally publish a week ago which developed a glitch) Updated December 18 2011 There’s an interesting buzz going on down in Pattaya. Niels Colov, that all round good guy has gone to press with a warning about what can happen to people who libel him and he […]

Warning: Do Not Approach This Man

December 12 2011 A Flying Sporran Advisory Harris Black is bad news. A lot of people know that. In fact there is a website dedicated to his activities which seems to be added to with ominous regularity. This Canadian is one of these unstoppable conmen, blackmailers and fraudsters who now seems to have made Thailand […]

Boiler Room Threat To Flying Sporran – Take us off your website

BOILER ROOM CLOSES AFTER FLYING SPORRAN REPORT   Bangkok December 8 2011 – A Flying Sporran Enquiry BREAKING NEWSSince the  story below was publish early today Asia Green Technologies Ltd has gone into ‘dormancy’ but not for the reasons they state. Their announcements are at the end of this report.Link here – it won’t be up for long A […]

Bangkok Boiler Room Alert

A Flying Sporran EnquiryTuesday December 6 2011A boiler room exposed on this site last year has re-invented itself under different names in Bangkok, as they always do, so here is a warning for you chaps out there, who do not know what to do with your savings. Do not give any cash to Asian Green […]

I Went To The Expat Club For Advice – Now I Am Broke & Working In A Rice Paddy

 Briton Malcolm Leggett, 60, is working a rice paddy in Northern Thailand. He lost almost everything. But the cruelest cut of all came, he says, after he went to the President of the local Pattaya Expats Club for advice – A Flying Sporran Enquiry  BANGKOK MONDAY DECEMBER 5  2011 This is 60-yr-old Malcolm Leggett. He used to be […]

Child Sex Fiction Man Cannot Be Punished For His Thoughts

From ANDREW DRUMMOND,Bangkok, November 30 2011 By day he teaches youngsters at a school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  But when he is off duty, people believe, he writes in to a website dedicated to stories of sexual abuse of children as young as 6-yrs-old. But this week the teacher, an elderly Briton, claimed his identity had been stolen, thus […]