August 2012

A life on the ocean waves – but with whose money?

Stormy waters as investors chase King’s Cup yacht owner A Flying Sporran Financial Warning It’s said that owning a boat is just like pouring money down the drain. Now investors are chasing the owner of a winning boat in the annual King’s Cup Regatta on Phuket trying to find out what happened to their cash. Two […]

So The Little Fish DID kill the Frog Prince – The Supreme Court rulesin Bangkok

THE FROG PRINCE AND THE LITTLE FISH – The last Chapter Did ‘Little Fish’ kill the Frog Prince? The Supreme Court in Bangkok has now ruled she did 17 years after his death and sentenced her to 4 years in jail. Thailand, home of the world’s longest reigning monarch has been  gripped by a tale of […]

Death disco was operating beyond normal hours – but 'legal'

From Andrew Drummond, Bangkok August 17 2012 Daily Mail A fire in a discotheque on the Thai holiday island of Phuket in which four revelers were burned to death beyond recognition took place nearly two hours after the club should have been legally closed. Today as officials in Patong on the holiday island of Phuket […]

American ‘lawyer’ receives ‘distinguished recognition’ on Thai Law Day- claim

But is it true? Flying Sporran Media Watch August 15 2012 An American businessman and his Thai wife, currently facing charges of extortion in Pattaya,  have received ‘distinguished recognition’ at a ceremony to celebrate National Law Day at Pattaya Provincial Court – according to his Pattaya Times newspaper. Three companies associated with well known ‘philanthropist’ Drew […]

Thailand's Director of Innovation Was 'Criminal Forger' – court rules

But N.I.A Director Gets Suspended Sentence And Small Fine Bangkok August 12 2012 A Flying Sporran Court Briefing Thailand’s Director of Innovation Supachai Lorlowhakarn has been given a six month suspended prison sentence and a small fine on a charge of criminal forgery. Lorlowhakarn, who in June had his PhD degree revoked by Chulalongkorn University […]

Owner of 'Pattaya-Today.Com' renews sex-tourism domains on the internet

But not is all as it seems! Flying Sporran’s Pattaya Week-end Diary Apparently on the look-out for opportunities the owner of has renewed two sex tourism domains on the internet. That’s odd because I would have staked money on the fact that Pattaya Today is definitely not one of the dodgy Pattaya English language […]

Who is hiding the identity of Kirsty Jones’ killer?

ANDREW DRUMMOND BANGKOK – August 10 2012 (Here’s a link to a detailed piece by Pim Kimasingki of Chiang Mai City life who held the fort for me on the day Kirsty’s body was discovered and was of great assistance throughout) Welsh police and the mother of Kirsty Jones who was murdered on this day […]

The last thing you need here is a den of British thieves! – OutgoingAmbassador in Pattaya

Ambassadors, belly dancers, British crooks and spooks, but not necessarily in that order! Bangkok Diary August 9 2012 This Friday the British Ambassador to Thailand, Asif Ahmad, relinquishes his post and goes back home to learn another language and come back to South East Asia to head up another, as yet un-named mission.  You won’t get […]

Downtown 'Death Hotel' Dies in 4 minute video

August 8 2012  Comment The controversy raged on and on for months and months – but the demise of the ‘Downtown Inn’ in Chiang Mai – has now been reduced to a four minute music video on you tube. The Downtown Inn hit the headlines last year when a number of people died either on […]

Now Pattaya Publisher Rips Off Thai Government B.O.I. Promo!

Oh No! Its not that man again with another scam August 1 2012 (Update) BUT  THE FLYING SPORRAN GETS ACTION! Plus much more! Now Mr.Noyes fights back with threats, a gospel song, and unfettered accusations against a wide range of people Drew Noyes falls to temptation Controversial Pattaya ‘businessman’ Drew Noyes – publisher of the ‘Pattaya Times’ […]