August 2007

Gun Brit 'Nicked' In Thailand

From Andrew DrummondA 32-yr-old Briton is to be banned from Thailand after brandishing a pistol in a bar in the resort of Pattaya.Spencer Lloyd Henley, from London, would first be charged with firearms offences, after which immigration authorities would deport and blacklist him, police said.Henley was today being held in a cell at Pattaya police […]

British Victims Of Sandakan Death March Finally Honoured

Daily MailBritish victims of Sandakan death marches finally honouredLast updated at 16:43pm on 17th August 2007More than 600 Britons who were brutally put to death by the Japanese in the former British North Borneo have finally been fully honoured.In the shadow of Mount Kinabalu, a memorial stone has been errected in an ‘English garden’ to […]

Why Did Your Police Kill My Granny Mr. Thaksin?”

A QUESTION FOR BILLIONAIRE EX-PM OF THAILANDWHY DID YOUR POLICE KILL MY LOVELY GRANNY?SUNDAY MIRROR INVESTIGATES: DISTRAUGHT FAMILY SEEK TRUTHBy Kate Mansey And Andrew DrummondAs he ploughs millions into Manchester City, new owner Thaksin Shinawatra is being hailed by fans as the latest foreign billionaire to bring his riches to British football.But back in his […]