June 2007

I Hope Your Wife And Daughter Are Raped By Rastafarians'

A reader’s letter after Andrew Drummond’s investigations into neo-Nazis.

How Paedophiles And A Corrupt Justice System

Daily Express, Saturday November 20th , 2005 IN MARCH this year a 60-year-old Briton rented a house at 38 Tran Phu Street in the southern Vietnamese city of Vung Tao. Hidden among the trees, the house was the perfect hideaway for someone who didn’t want his activities scrutinised by prying eyes. It was exactly what […]

The Philosopher’s Wife –

HOW AN AMERICAN PROFESSOR PAID FOR A MURDER COVER-UP As far as murders go the death of  Natsaporn Yongyingpoon could hardly have been more brutal. The 23-yr-old farm girl from North Eastern Thailand was beaten relentlessly for four hours before the murderess executed. The coup de grace was a wok full of boiling oil. Yet when […]

True Lies – Exposing The Myths Behind A Massive Heroin Bust

When two young British girls Karyn Smith, 17, and Patricia Cahill, 18, were arrested in Bangkok shortly after the release of a film called ‘The Bangkok Hilton’ the British press were driven to a frenzy.  The innocent subject of the film ‘Bangkok Hilton’ was duped by her boyfriend into carry drugs. Cahill and Smith were […]

Reebok's Party Blooper

REEBOK’S PARTY BLOOPERWhat started out as a consumer survey for a British Sunday newspaper on the economics of making a Reebok shoe turned out into an international scandal for the multi-national company.Andrew Drummond had been commissioned to do a breakdown on the business from the factory floor to the retail outlet for the features pages of […]

How C4 Dispatches Betrayed My Trust

The Times Friday May 14 1999 A C4 expose of the trade in Thai women to the British sex industry should have dealt a blow to traffickers. Instead it may have endangered some of those who took part, says Andrew DrummondOn April 29 smart blue flyers were inserted into newspapers throughout Britain posing the question: ‘Is […]

Murder In Chiang Mai

Murder in Chiang MaiTimes 2 Cover Story Thursday August 17 2000Kirsty Jones was found dead in a backpackers’ guesthouse in Thailand seven days ago. She had been strangled with her sarong. Other guests have given conflicting accounts. Drugs have been found, and police made errors. Andrew Drummond reports from Chiang MaiThe sign says: ‘Don’t nibble. […]

An Unadulterated Documentary For Once, Uncut With Fiction

Lord of the Golden Triangle -Reviews‘Andrew Drummond reported on the same region for an excellent Everyman documentary in 1988 and his new film – made for Granada by the newly formed newspaper subsidiary the Observer Film Company – shares the same ingredients of journalistic derring-do (‘by mule through the minefields of no-man’s land’, political analysis […]

A Gleaming Model Of What Investigative Reporting On TV

 REVIEWS Time Out December 8 198620/20 Vision: No Man Mants to die: 10.30-11.30 20/20 to C4A gleaming model of what investigative reporting on TV should be. Punchy, hastily re-written, and updated ‘No Man Wants to Die’ reports on Derrick Gregory imprisoned in Malaysia and facing that country’s mandatory death sentence for heroin smuggling.”””””””””””” Today Dec 8 1986Tonight’s television […]

Burma's Forgotten Allies – Observer Magazine

When Burma allied itself with Japan during World War II in the hope of gaining independence from the British, one sector of the population remained loyal to the Crown – the Karen hill people. They have suffered for it ever since. Andrew Drummond reports from the Burma-Thai border, where the Karen are now fighting for […]