June 2010

Phnom Penh Man To Be Deported Immigration No Sex Offender

A convicted British child abuser was today being held in custody in Bangkok and is expected to be the second Briton deported under the country’s new anti-paedophile policy. David Fletcher David Fletcher, 66, from Saffron Walden, Essex, was arrested at a guest house in Bangkok after fleeing Cambodia where he was running a charity for […]

Pattaya's Perfect Dilemma – Revisited

This is a blog I’m sorry. I make no apologies today for giving you an old story. But this is a story I wrote the best part of 14 years ago and it just shows, well, not a lot of of things have changed. Its about Pattaya of course, and the local shenanigans. In a day or […]

BBC Admits: 'We Done Em Up Proper'

This is a blog only Well not exactly, but readers of this blog will already know that I previously said that it was pointless attacking the BBC or CNN or other foreign correspondents over the coverage of the red shirt riots in Bangkok because things always to tend to turn around in the end. A […]

'Can I Have My Ring Back' Asks Fleeing Child Abuser -Updated

The head of a ‘Volunteer Project’ offering tours feeding children at Phnom Penh’s Stung Mean Chey rubbish dump has fled the city after first trying to ‘borrow’ the engagement ring he gave a 17-yr-old student there. David Fletcher, 66, who was exposed in last week’s Sunday Mirror as having a conviction for the sexual abuse […]

Preying On The Garbage Dump Children

Convicted child sexual abuser runs ‘ charity’ for rubbish dump kids in Cambodia Food is good no matter where it comes from The atmosphere was tense in a little hut next to a massive toxic garbage mountain, for many years the sole source of income for poverty stricken families here in the capital of Cambodia. […]

Macaque Attack!

From ANDREW DRUMMOND,Bangkok, June 17 2010(Story and picture credit: Phuket Gazette)A British woman was attacked in Thailand by a pack of crab eating Macaques while trying to conquer her lifelong fear of primates.Macaque pic courtesy of not S & P restaurantsDee Darwell, 56, from Peterborough blacked out as first one monkey then another bit her […]

Briton First To Be Deported In Thai Paedophile Sweep

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, Bangkok,June 12 2010 A Briton last night became the first man to be deported from Thailand in a major sweep of paedophiles from the country.Gary Robcoy, 30, a convicted child abuser in Britain, was put aboard a London bound British Airways flight at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport after being told he was blacklisted […]

Night Porter Dies Riddle In British Airways Hotel Room

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, BangkokJune 08 2010 British Airways will have to pay compensation for the death of a hotel porter after a late night fire in a cabin crew hotel room in Bangkok. British Airways denied reports by Thai police that one male flight attendant and a female flight attendant were in the same room […]

British Red-Shirt 'Thug' Worked For Queen Of England

A Briton, dubbed a ‘thug’ and a ‘yob’ for his behaviour during Thailand’s recent troubles, worked for the Queen. Jeff Savage Jeff Savage, 48, who was caught on tape saying he was going to loot and burn down Bangkok’s biggest shopping mall, worked as a porter at Buckingham Palace and regularly came into contact with […]

Thai Reds: We'll Support The Aussie But Not The Brit

FROM ANDREW DRUMMOND BANGKOK  June 04 2010 A Briton dubbed a ‘thug’ for his behavior during Thailand’s recent troubles was today dumped in court by his Thai anti-government allies. Jeff Savage, 48, caught on tape saying he was going to loot and burn down Bangkok’s biggest shopping mall, was today remanded in custody in Bangkok, […]