May 2010

The Press Got It All Wrong? Whoops I Interrupt This Blog

(This first letter above written in English was publish in the Nation, not a place red shirts will be looking for their news , but I’m sure its now all over the place. The second letter is quite interesting too. Somtow is perhaps too pro-Abhisit/Anti-Thaksin for some, and if its aimed at the red-shirts it is rather patronising, but again its […]

British 'Red-Shirt' Arrested As Thai Government

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, Bangkok May 22 2010   A British ‘Red shirt’, caught on tape saying he was going to burn down one of Asia’s biggest shopping malls after Thai troops fired on demonstrators in Bangkok, was last night seized by Thai police. Jeff Savage, 48, from London, was arrested in the Thai resort of […]

Andrew Drummond Acquitted – FCCT Dateline

FCCT – Dateline story on Andrew Drummond April 2010 This is a copy of ‘Dateline’ April 2010 edition produced by the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand. It will be their copyright of course, so for those without Clark Kent powers of vision who actually want to read it, well try here.  But if you close […]

Central World Burned Down? I Would Have Helped The B*St*Rds!

From ANDREW DRUMMOND,BangkokMay to Andrew Drummond at Evening Standard Link to THE SUN Link to Daily MirrorA British red shirt ‘anarchist’ caught on video saying he was going to loot and burn down Asia’s second biggest shopping mall said today: ‘I was not there when it burned down but if I was I would have […]

Reds Set Bangkok Ablaze. But Did They Get The Wrong 'Elite'

Angry anti-government demonstrators, claiming to be fighting for democracy and for the poor against Thailand’s elite, set fire to Bangkok yesterday burning down banks, shopping malls, and small shops. After their leaders surrendered to Thai Army troops furious members of the United Front for Democracy over Dictatorship went on a looting and fiery rampage throughout […]

Red Shirts Set Bangkok Ablaze As Troops Storm Barricades

Bangkok was engulfed by fires and rioting today as defeated Red Shirt protesters vented their anger at a military crackdown with a burning and looting spree. As black smoke swirled across the Thai capital, the city’s stock exchange, a TV station and one of South-East Asia’s biggest shopping malls were among the buildings set ablaze. […]

Is Thaksin Funding Thai Protest – Al Jazeera

The top publicist for ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said today that he did not know how much his client was funding the violent street war on the streets of Bangkok. ‘I have no idea. You might as well ask how much is the government spending on bullets,’ said London based lawyer Robert Amsterdam. Amsterdam […]

Fears For More Violence As Red Shirt General Dies

The man who claimed he was appointed by ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra to lead the military wing of the Bangkok anti-government protests died in hospital today from sniper wounds. Seh Daeng, the ‘Red Commander’ whose real name was major general Khittaya Sawasdiphol, died in hospital, bringing the death toll in five days of a government […]

PM Defiant As Army Snipers 'Shoot To Kill'

Swathes of the Thai capital were declared a ‘live firing’ killing zone by the army yesterday, as the death toll in Bangkok rose to 22 after days of violent protest.And last night Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said his security forces would not retreat.As troops attempted to quell the trouble, they fired live rounds at hundreds […]

Red General Shot In Head During Face To Face Interview

A rogue army general who saw himself as a ‘Braveheart’ was last night shot by a sniper as he was giving an interview to a New York Times reporter in Bangkok.Major General Khittaya Sawasdipol had taken the side of the red-shirted anti-government demonstrators, organizing their defences in the centre of the city.  He is on […]