February 2009

BKK Horror Decapitated Supposed Heartbroken Tourist Dangled

Police in Thailand are trying to identify a western man made out to look like ‘a heart broken tourist’ whose decapitated head was placed in a plastic bag and left dangling 25 ft below a railing from the city’s showpiece bridge. Detectives were forced to admit that the death was not self inflicted, despite a […]

Canadian Property Developer Gunned Down In Thailand

Police in Thailand are investigating the murder of a wealthy Canadian property developer who was gunned down on his birthday outside his luxury condominium. Francis Alex Degioanni, 34, originally from Quebec was shot seven times by gunmen who waited for him to drive out of his Panorama condo on Patong Beach, on the island of […]

Pattaya Journalist Banned From Covering Criminal Trials Blog

This is a blog entry onlyAndrew Drummond, Bangkok, February 13 2009Now and again a little gem comes up on the net that’s worth giving a little further attention. And this one has actually been lurking up there for two years but I only came across it recently on when I was checking from interested […]

Buddhism In Crisis – Micro-Skirted Abbot Flees With Ladyboys

LORD OF THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE DIES IN RANGOONFrom Andrew Drummond,BangkokOnce dubbed the ‘Prince of Death’ and accused of being the world’s most prolific heroin trafficker, Khun Sa, also known as Chan Chi-Fu, was cremated yesterday in Rangoon, Burma, aged 74.Khun Sa preferred to be known as ‘Prince of Prosperity’ or ‘Lord of the Golden Triangle’ […]

Police Raid Brit Organised 'Swingers' Party' Bangkok

Link to what The SUN depiction of orgyThe bald reality from the Thai RathFrom Andrew Drummond, BangkokThai police raided a hotel room in Bangkok early today and arrested 13 men and ten women they said were taking part in a British organised ‘swingers party’.The raid took place at Bangkok’s Elizabeth Hotel and a British man, […]