April 2012

British Foreign Office To Sue Over Mouldy Embassy

EMBASSY CONTROVERSY – STAFF EVACUATED AFTER MOULD FOUND IN STAFF HOUSINGFrom ANDREW DRUMMOND, in Bangkok and GEORGE ARBUTHNOTT in LondonApril 29 2012The British Government faces having to sue contractors after a large part of its British Embassy in Thailand was forced to be evacuated and declared a health hazard due to ‘mould’. Today as the […]

Child Abuser Launches Attack From Behind Bars

INFAMY! INFAMY! THEY’VE ALL GOT IT ‘IN FOR ME’ANDREW DRUMMOND, 28 April 2012British child abuser David Fletcher, exposed by the ‘Flying Sporran’, after being caught grooming kids on a Phnom Penh garbage dump and attempting to buy a teenage bride, has written from prison in Thailand promising to expose his enemies. Lording it in a […]

Reverse Gazumping in Buri Ram

Another victim as Briton ‘buys up’ Buri Ram Flying Sporran Consumer Enquiry April 27 2012 I guess it’s never too much to issue another warning but it’s too late for Jim King who essentially got ripped off on a house sale in Buri Ram. Actually this is quite interesting for a couple of reasons. For […]

Almost Greatest Living Pattaya Brit – Nominated for Award

Arise Sir Howard of Walking Street? From ANDREW DRUMMOND April 27 2012 Howard Miller one of the most famous Brits in Pattaya and almost on a par with the legendary Barry Kenyon, MBE,  his predecessor as Honorary or Corresponding Consul, has been nominated for an award for ‘exhibiting consular excellence’. The award known as the […]


 Anybody want a Gic… er,  GIC Card that is?  Better get tooled up then! A Flying Sporran Inquiry Anybody got a GIC-Card? This is not a card which will get you a low-cost girl who will deliver on the first date, more commonly spelled Gik.  It’s a card which has been promoted in tourist areas in Thailand to […]

BLOWN – Pattaya Publisher Gives Up Sex Site Plans

Has Pattaya publisher gone down for the last time?Pattaya newspaper publisher Drew Walter Noyes has given up his rights to an internet URL which could have led to a new claim to be a leading authority on oral sex. Noyes has failed to re-new payment for the site which he has held together with […]

ACADEMIC SCANDAL British Times Higher Education Asks What Is Happeningin Thailand

New Stink Over Vegetable Scoop Which Made US Reporter Flee Thailand From ANDREW DRUMMOND, April 19 2012 A  newspaper story about how the director of Thailand’s ‘National Innovation Agency’ allegedly plagiarised his PhD thesis and an academic paper about organic asparagus production from other academics, has been given new life in the British’Times Higher Educational‘ […]

British Consular Officials Snub One of OUR BOYS

and other consular stories such as‘Pattaya Brits’ were here 400 years ago.andConsular official flogged to deathFrom ANDREW DRUMMOND, Bangkok, April 19 2012A Royal Marine swindled out of £30,000 by a British businessman in Thailand while he was serving in Middle East hotspots says he has been snubbed by British consular officials whom, he claims, refused […]

Video Exclusive: CROSSING THE LINE – Rotary Club Men and Media Meddlers

A six year scam comes full circleCOMMENTApril 15 2012Six years ago the Pattaya People Media Corporation began heavily promoting Harlequin Property and Thailand Property and Media Exhibition Company Ltd.Now it has become clearly obvious that Harlequin run by Essex former double glazing salesman – turned bankrupt – David Ames, and taken over in Thailand by […]

Investigation Launched Into Briton Who Died In Custody

But Brit had colourful history of public order offencesANDREW DRUMMOND, BangkokApril 10 2012  An investigation is reported to have started into how a Briton arrested on a charge of stealing a motor-cycle died behind bars within days of his arrest in the Thai resort of Pattaya. A British Foreign & Commonwealth spokesman confirmed early today […]