October 2010

Phuket Jet Ski Frauds – The Real Truth

Well here’s another Thai deja vue story.  ‘JJ’ Naiman, the Phuket Jet Ski cowboy, is now reported by the Phuket Wan to have ripped off a bunch of Malaysian holidaymakers, mainly old school pals, who had to fork out US$900 for apparently getting two of their jet skis waterlogged in Phuket. And now fresh from […]

British Hero Gunned Down In Philippines Get Posthumous Award

From  ANDREW DRUMMOND,October 4 2010  A Briton gunned down in the Philippines last month has been given a posthumous award for helping impoverished local people. Anthong Nicholas a quiet but popular man. Was he the victim of tourism greed? Anthony Nicholas, 64, has been awarded a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ by the Philippines Department of Environment […]