December 2009

The Thai Spy In Cambodia – The Real Scandal

I have been following the Thai ‘non spy’ in Cambodia affair with interest.  In fact I am as usual having a problem reading the newspapers with a straight face. Seems nobody in Thailand has done any real reporting on this case at all, or perhaps I have missed it. Certainly there is so much missing […]

Disabled Brits Face 'Girlfriend' Deprivation – Pattaya

In the spirit of ‘well just fancy that’ comes the news that some of us poor Brits living over here in Thailand are panicking a bit because those who distribute social security payments back home are blocking payments to people essentially living overseas. So step-forward the Pattaya Brits who find that even a half-good disability […]

A Bad Dancer Always Has Trouble With His Balls – Pattaya

Pattaya’s infamously dead pan local media, which faithfully follows their local police,  have been slavishly reporting, the recent arrest of 11 Russian prostitutes in the B52 club complex in, according to the Pattaya Daily News,  ‘Pattaya’s infamous Walking Street’. The raids conducted by Chonburi Superintendent, Pol. Col. Worawit Waitanormjit,  if your read the PDN, or  […]

Brit Island Drug Rape Case Returns Thailand To Give Evidence

A Briton, who fled Thailand with his girlfriend after they believe they were seriously sexually abused after being drugged on a holiday island, has returned to complete his evidence for Thai police. Police in Koh Chang, 250 miles south east of Bangkok, said today they had now taken a statement from the man, known only […]

Journalism And Yak Fur

Today I hand over this blog to a missive from Roger Beaumont , my ‘hail fellow well met’ public school rebel friend, who used to work on the ‘Nation’ but left when the editors decided they could produce an English language newspaper with a designer from Milwaukee and without too many troublesome English language sub-editors […]

Brits In Thai Island Drug Rape Pin Their Hopes On Scotland Yard

From Andrew Drummond, Koh Chang, Thailand Link Evening Standard  The SUN Scotland Yard confirmed today that they have conducted tests on a British couple who say they were subjected to a horrifying gang rape in Thailand and planned to co-operate with a Thai police investigation into the incident. The couple who fled back to London […]