October 2011

Drew Noyes And the Well From Hell

Having been reporting on Thailand’s floods and the price of eggs now it’s time to take a break. Whose fault was the flooding? Was it the fault of Thai government, the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority, the Irrigation authorities, Yingluck herself?  I needed to turn to my old bête noire the ‘Pattaya Times’ on the eastern seaboard for some […]

Last Foreign Journalist Quits Scandal Hit Pattaya Times – Plus Some Unusual Beauty Tips

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, Bangkok, October 24 2011 A British editor holding together the Pattaya Times newspaper – apparently a partner paper of the Bangkok Post – has quit amid a controversy over the paper’s widespread ‘lifting’ of most of its material from a variety of journalists and news organisations worldwide.His resignation follows the departure of the paper’s […]

No Sex Please – We Are British Embassy Officials

Got suited up last night to head for the British Embassy hosted QBP at the Erawan Hotel. In the middle of Sukhumvit I was diverted.  And then, after the whispered’ You even more hamsum today andloo’,  the sound of ‘God Save the Queen’ was soon far from my mind.QBP? Yes QBP.  Its apparently Embassy speak for the Queen’s Birthday Party […]

A Tale of Island Police And The Most Credible American Professional In Thailand

The logo of the alleged law firm shows two suited but headless figures running off with two bags over three mechanical cogs. Could this be interpreted as two brainless lawyers running of with their clients’ cash while the cogs of justice slowly grind to a halt?Absolutely, says frail Dutch pensioner Hans Boozajer, 67, but it’s not the Thai […]

Overweight British Journalist Caught In Flood Fleeing Bangkok

Dramatic pictures show British journalist Andrew Drummond fleeing Bangkok as was forecast by American Drew Noyes ‘Editor-in-Chief’ of the Bangkok Post ‘partner’ newspaper the ‘Pattaya Times’. But seriously you’ll have to read first about more people who were duped by the man who describes himself as the ‘most credible, friendly, reassuring professional to make Thailand […]

Thai Police Deny False Claims They Are Hunting For British Journalist

The Royal Thai Police today strongly denied claims made by American Drew Noyes in the Pattaya Times that they were seeking to arrest a British journalist and close down his website.Reports of the hunt for Andrew Drummond, a foreign correspondent in Thailand for nearly 25 years, were wildly exaggerated, and his website www.andrew.local was not the […]

British Senior Citizen Trained at Fitness Centre Before Chiang Mai Bank Heist

From ANDREW DRUMMOND,Bangkok,  October 10 2011 Pictures Andrew Chant/BoemFor Daily MailA retired Briton was under arrest in Thailand and facing 25 years in jail today after pulling off an armed bank heist in the Northern capital of Chiang Mai.Michael Wynn – The bitter end of the huntMichael Wynn, 63, was arrested early this morning (Monday) […]


  Original version read 1,870 times – A Flying Sporran EnquiryFrom  ANDREW DRUMMOND,BangkokOctober 11 2011Drew Noyes & Thai Immigration & Labour Law Part 1 Two Filipina girls hired by self-proclaimed ‘newspaper publisher, philanthropist, and legal expert’ in Thailand have broken their silence on their ordeal after fleeing their jobs all but penniless after just four weeks. […]

Irish Father Told to Stay In Hiding For Another Year In Phuket House Scam Enquiry

From ANDREW DRUMMONDBangkokSunday October 9 2011An Irish father and his two young children have been told to stay in hiding for least another year in Thailand as investigations continue into corruption allegations involving police on the holiday island of Phuket. Colin Vard, 57, cousin of the famous Irish singing trio The Vard Sisters, and himself a former […]

Read All About It – The Great Thai Newspaper Fraud

FROM ANDREW DRUMMOND Bangkok, October 5 2011 A reader has just sent me the link to ‘Media in Thailand’  – a summary of the Fourth Estate here by Wikipedia. This review had me chuckling not least because of its entry about the Pattaya Times – slogan ‘News you can use!’. In its initial blurb about newspapers it mentioned the […]