Andrew Drummond

September 2011

Nazi Schoolgirls Start A Heil Storm In Thailand

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, BangkokSeptember 26 2011Daily Mail Students in a school in the northern Thai capital of Chiang Mai thought they would give their teachers and parents a surprise on their Summer Sports Day.They kept their secret under wraps until the day was upon them and then with flourish and a fanfare they arrived to […]

Simon Wiesenthal Center Calls on Thai Christian Leaders to Condemn School Nazi Parade

Ref: Nazi schoolgirls start a Heil storm in ThailandStatement of the Simon Wiesenthal Center – 27-9-2011 The Simon Wiesenthal Center is calling on Thailand’s Christian leaders to condemn a Nazi parade at the Sacred Heart Preparatory School in Chiang Mai led by students who participated in a Nazi parade replete with Seig Heil salutes. “The Simon Wiesenthal […]

Cyber Attack On Andrew Drummond

From ANDREW DRUMMOND Bangkok, September 27 2011 A fake Facebook created with the name Andrew Drummond and loaded with highly inflammatory marks which would automatically be ruled as lese majeste in Thailand, was last night detected, and reported to the Thai authorities. The false Facebook page came on line earlier the day. I was alerted […]

Road Rage Singapore Style -RBS Executive With Bentley Smashes Mercedes With Fist

A top ranking executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland was described as an ‘arrogant bully’ today after he got out of his top of the line Bentley Sports to smash and break the windscreen of a Mercedes with his bare fists.RBS’s head of EM, Credit Structuring and Repacking Asia Pacific was today accused of terrorising […]

US Charity Withdraws Charter For Its Thailand Branch – Outlook Pessimistic

 From ANDREW DRUMMOND, BANGKOKSeptember 21 2011  It is with deep regret that I have to announce  that the Optimist Club of Thailand, has deceased, kicked the bucket, gone to meet its maker, shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the choir, and is pushing up the daisies..etc..  Formed in 2008 by […]

Son Of London Deputy Mayor Dies After Full Moon Party

From ANDREW DRUMMONDBangkok, September 17 2011Koh Phangan Pictures: Philip BlenkinsopFor Mail on Sunday The 28-year-old son of the Deputy Major of London has collapsed and died in a £12 a night guest house after attending a wild ‘Full Moon Party’ on the Thai island of Koh Phangan.Police said here today that Andrew John Lister, 28, son […]

British Men Cannot Just Deport Their Probationary Thai Wives…….BUT

From ANDREW DRUMMOND,Bangkok,September 15 2010  A Thai woman who won her case against the British Border Agency after being deported at the request of her Scots husband is being thwarted in her efforts to bring the matter to the European Court of Human Rights.Kanokrat Booth, 42, says that despite winning her case against the British Border Agency, who […]

The Strange Tale of Drew Noyes And The Icelandic Welsh Scot

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, Bangkok September 11 2011 WARNING: If you have found this story by googling Drew Noyes – this will be in the middle of flattering but scarcely credible biographies of himself. Best just google ‘Drew Noyes’ together with ‘myriad lies’Drew Noyes the American ‘entrepreneur’ in Pattaya has hit back at revelations on this site that many, […]

EXPOSED – Myriad Lies – An American Businessman – And Influential People

He says he hobnobs with Royalty, civic leaders, diplomats, police, army and naval officers and adds that he is the ‘most credible and reassuring person to make Thailand his home’™.   American Drew Noyes is a man of many parts. He has claimed to be a lawyer, a real estate developer, a stock-broker, a journalist,  a dedicated family man […]

Bangkok Post – The Newspaper You Can Trust

Oh dear, is this a familar story or what? A few years down the line I publish a story in the UK about the activities of two characters in the sex trade down in Pattaya known as the ‘Gay MacMafia” . Later the Bangkok Post asked if I could re-write a piece for them which I […]