November 2009

Fisherman Jailed For Murder Of British Yachtsman – Thailand

Link to Sky News today  Sunday MirrorBackground Links: The Times, Daily MailFrom Andrew Drummond, Bangkok, Saturday November 28 2009Pictures: Andrew Chant Two young Burmese fishermen have been sentenced to 25 years in prison each for the murder of 64-yr-old British yachtsman Malcolm Robertson off the coast of Thailand earlier this year.At statement from the British […]

British Couple Subject To Clockwork Orange Sex Style Attack

Link to DailyMail Link New York Daily NewsBy Andrew DrummondLast updated at 12:38 AM on 28th November 2009A British couple have become victims of a horrendous Clockwork Orange-style sex attack ordeal while on holiday in Thailand.The professional couple had chosen the Thai holiday island of Koh Chang to round off a memorable one-year sabbatical from their […]

British Woman Raped In Pattaya – Part 2

Following a report here (written from Thai copy sent by our reporter in Pattaya) also sent to the British newspapers, some people down in Pattaya seem surprised that this event was not reported in the local newspapers, though I believe it has been now.   A thread even went up on I never seem […]

Seeing Me, Seeing You! Foreign Film Crews In Pattaya

This is a blog onlyThe inevitable has happened. Well I guess it had to sometime.The resort of Pattaya has always been an attraction to foreign film crews. They have to be sneaky. It’s a dangerous occupation down there, and as I think I mentioned before, pointing a camera in a wrong direction, particularly at a […]

British Woman 'Raped' In Thai Beach Resort

British woman raped in Thailand – two men held From Andrew Drummond, Bangkok, Monday November 17 A British tourist claimed last night that she was dragged off the street by two men in front of Thai police and then taken to a hotel where she was raped and then robbed of her belongings. The woman, […]

Kidnapped Priest Wore Down His Captors With Good Humour

‘When you go we will be free at last too!’ they said after month long ordeal with troublesome priestFrom Andrew Drummond, Manila, Friday, 13 2009Resilient Irish priest Father Michael Sinnott wore down his captors with words of kindness and prayers.After ten days they gave up their political speeches threw their hands in the air and […]

Short Q & A With Press Gazette For November 2009 Issue

Big Trouble In Thailand Found In A Teleprompter

Just when you thought this story had gone away now comes the news that Vera Productions have sold the controversial series ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ to Channel 9 in Australia. This will actually multiply its televion audience twenty fold. Previously it went out on Bravo with a viewership of about 116,000. Vera Productions in the […]