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Drew Noyes Sues Again! – ‘He's ruined my business'.

But he is gagged on oral sex claim.  How a fictitious poster rose up to bite the Noyes butt  Down at the courts (again) – by the Flying Sporran September 26 2012 Drew Noyes, the former bogus Pattaya lawyer turned bogus legal expert, and, as founder of the Pattaya Times, Thailand’s foremost insult to journalism, is suing […]

BLOWN – Pattaya Publisher Gives Up Sex Site Plans

Has Pattaya publisher gone down for the last time?Pattaya newspaper publisher Drew Walter Noyes has given up his rights to an internet URL which could have led to a new claim to be a leading authority on oral sex. Noyes has failed to re-new payment for the site which he has held together with […]