Pai Shootings. Victim Relocated After She Loses All

The National Human Rights Committee and DSI officials have relocated
Canadian Carly Reisig, who was shot by a policeman in Pai last month
after all her belongings were stolen, apparently when she was in
National Human Rights Commissioner Surasee Kosolnavin said he
believed neither Reisig, from Chilliwack, B.C. or her boyfriend
Rattaporn Varavadee, 36,  ‘Fune’ from Surin were safe to stay in the
town after giving evidence to local police. They said they had hoped to
say goodbye to friends.
‘We moved her because we were concerned among other things that if
she stayed her belongings could turn up at a later date with something
illegal in them. This sort of thing has happened,’ he said.
This followed an incident outside the prosecutor’s office in Mae Hong
Son when Lt-Colonel Sombat Panya, head of the criticised police
investigation approached Rattaporn.

Police Lt.-Col. Sombat Panya with Rattaporn (Fune) and
Carly outside Prosectors’ Office, Mae Hong Son
Rattaporn, who together with Ms Reisig, has claimed that the fatal
shooting of Leo Del Pinto, 24, from Calgary, was murder, not an accident
said: ‘He told me to go and see him in his office in Pai.  It’s not
safe for me to go there. I have been imaging the variety of things which
could happen to me.’
The National Human Rights Committee will meet Wednesday. They will
rescue that the Department of Investigations takes over the
investigation into the killing of Leo Del Pinto.