Phuket Bungy Jump – The Bare Truth Exposed

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Link to Daily Mail and Video
So it’s off to Phuket as the London Daily Mail requests
‘colour’ for the story it is going to publish about British student
Rishi Bavjeva, who took a flying leap this summer attached to a bungy
cord – and never came up again.

The Phuket Bungy jump has been promoting its 100 per cent safety record
heavily but Bavjeva suffered a ruptured spleen, torn liver, collapsed
lungs, and severe bruising, after become detached from the cord.
Bungy manager Terry Pearce told Phuketwan: ‘We’ve had 140,000 jumps here
over 17-and-a-half years,’ he said. ‘And this is the only one that went
He has watched the video more than once, and in agonising slow-motion, reported the Phuket website.
‘The guy didn’t listen to the jumpmasters,’ Mr Pearce said. ‘He went feet-first and his knees go up. He was young enough and strong enough to kick his way free.
‘We’ve changed a couple of things since. The leg-wrapping we now use grips like hell. I’ve tried it myself.’
Well that’s nice to know.  Maybe they should just attach pensioners to these bungy cords.

I mean their site advertises the following:

  • Bungy Jump
  • Tandem Bungy
  • Catapult Bungy
  • Backwards Bungy
  • Water Touch Bungy
  • Well we all saw the video and I saw no evidence of him trying to kick himself free.  I just saw a guy take a massive high dive.
    Anyway despite the fact that Phuket Bungy claims it is fully insured Rishi is not going to bother to sue or claim.
    Now back to last week when Andy Chant went to do some back up and scene setting pictures for the Daily Mail.
    Seems it was not a good time to go!  The US Navy was in port in strength and the new sport is of course ‘Naked Bungy jumping’.weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Well why do anything clothed when you can do it naked?  
    Poor old photo-journalist  Andy Chant had to sit around for hours photographing little more than flying bollocks.
    He also reported that the people actually fitting the punters into their feet harnesses were also all local.Look just let me hold my B*****ks
    Look, they are probably fine, but with Thailand’s safety record its bound to make some people uneasy.
    ‘I thought the idea was that you just touched the water before the cord pulled you back up again,’ said Andy.
    I guess so. They do advertise ‘water touch’ as opposed to ‘kamikaze’.
    Apparently not. ‘Some guys went right under’. 

     ‘Meat and two veg and all’, as they say in the sarf London resort of Patt-ay-ya, all hitting the water with a giant thwack!I’ve got them all tucked up nicely this time

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