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Scot Saved By The Hand Of A Thai Angel

A SCOTS engineer said to have weeks to live has stunned doctors by making a recovery – helped by his Thai partner.
Allan Hyne    , 64, is to be discharged from a hospital in Thailand having got over a brain bug, which left him in a coma.
Last week his family, from Buckie, Banffshire, claimed they would have to leave him to die in Thailand because they could not afford to fly him home.
But the Thai woman who helped nurse him has now told of her love for ‘the funny Scottish man’ who has been her companion for seven years – and how he got better.
Patchararawadee Oogrit pledged: ‘I’ll stick by him to the end, wherever that may be.’

Allan Hyne with Dtim at the first ICU
The engineer said Allan was suffering from Japanese encephalitis but the worst is now over. She added: ‘When he got sick, I cried every day but the doctor said maybe Allan will have good luck and recover.
‘I look after him every day so I know he’s getting better. Sometimes he smiles and I know he understands.
‘He always told me he wanted to retire and live in Thailand.’
Allan, who worked for Grampian Country Foods, was struck down with the mosquito borne disease just a month after taking retirement last year.
He was put into hospital in Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok, but yesterday was getting final treatment at the Ake Pathum Hospital in Nakhon Nayok, 30 miles north of the capital.
Doctors say Allan will not be able to talk again and are not sure how much more of a recovery he will make. Dr Naratapong Sangtong said: ‘He has got better. Some patients continue improving, others level off.’
Part of his treatment has been paid for by the Thai government because he had local insurance. The rest, including a private nurse, is being financed by his partner.
Patchararawadee said she was distressed to hear of Scottish TV and press reports saying Allan was being left for dead and there was nobody taking care of him.
Allan’s daughter Dawn was quoted as saying he was in a pauper’s hospital. And his son Allan said he would need between £120,000 and £200,000 to fly his dad home.
Last night, his son added: ‘He is not married to this woman. He did live with her in Thailand but he is still married to my mother.
‘The British Consulate told my sister in no uncertain terms on Friday he was not to be removed from hospital and I would certainly be concerned about it if that was the case.
‘Why remove someone from a hospital where they are receiving free treatment? ‘He would be better offback in Britain and back with his family.’
Patchararawadee said: ‘I am paying for a respirator and full-time nurse but my money will run out soon. Allan is not able to sign over power of attorney so no funds can be released for his treatment.
‘I am happy to bring their father home to Scotland. If the family can release his money, I’m sure a flight can be arranged.
‘I would continue to take care of him anywhere, even though he said he would like to die here.
‘I’m happy because he’s still with me. I don’t care how difficult it is to look after him, I’ll do it.’

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