London Facebook Father's Fight For Son Extortion Cases

A London man whose six month old baby son was kidnapped by his mother in law in Thailand has highlighted  a series of ‘stolen baby’ ransom cases.

Baby Tristan Perry was taken from a nursery by the mother-in-law in Minburi, east of Bangkok, two months ago and, claims his father Martin Perry,  has refused to give him back.

Relatives, he says, have even demanded a fee of ?200 for him to visit a place where he thought the baby, now eight months old, is thought to have been held. But he said: ‘That was just for the visit. There was no  guarantee I would see my son.’

Perry, who has an apartment at Canary Wharf , but comes originally from Romford, has been working in Thailand as an IT specialist. According to his wife his internet social networking is the cause of his problems.

Martin Perry with Thai wife ‘Joy’

After his boy was taken he put an appeal out on ‘Twitter’ which was picked up by the Foreign Office.  Now Embassy officials are dealing with Thai police who earlier refused to take the case.  He says his wife is supporting him in searching for the child, but the mother-in-law  has not returned to her home in Surin, North East Thailand, and cut off her mobile phone.

Meanwhile internet forums such as  in Thailand are receiving posts from other fathers who have had to undergo similar ordeals. In all cases , the fathers say, the Thai wife, has been involved in the plot.

One father claimed that his in-laws demanded ?20,000 for the return of his son, another claim ?60,000 was demanded.

A third said said: ‘I was ‘wisened’ by a police officer who advised me not to believe my wife. My wife knew I had the money ready but she also knew that I would not hand it over until I saw my son. I did not give in and held on.

‘Eventually I got away from my wife and tracked them all down myself. It took me six months but I did it. These would have had to be the worst 6 months in my life

‘I got my son back, divorced my wife and took my son home’

Martin Perry’s wife Gritchana nicknamed Joy said today: ‘I was unhappy with my husband because I believe he was meeting other women on FACEBOOK. I told my mother. But now my mother will not give the baby back because she does not like him.’

Martin Perry denied any infidelity. ‘I have lots of friends on Facebook, Many are women. I do not sleep with them,  It’s a stupid allegation. I raised my son  by myself for months while working at home and my wife was at her office. I have not been away from home to have an affair.’

A Foreign Office spokemsn said: ‘Mr. Perry is receiving consular support.’

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