Saved By An Angel – Pattaya Brit In Hospital



December 8 2010

A Briton found languishing, naked, and tied to the bars of a  prisoncell in Pattaya police station has been saved by an angel appearing in the form of an expatriate British woman living in Pattaya.

Naked and cuffed to the cell bars

And after being scrubbed and clothed he has been taken to hospital in Bangkok under police supervision and now hopefully will be looked after until his deportation to Britain for overstaying his visa.

The dramatic development happened early today after the women read about the plight of the Briton on this blog.  She rushed to the police station to sort out the matter.

Tracy  xxxxxxxx, who runs the Mellisa Cosgrove Children’s Foundation said: ‘After seeing the pictures I was horrified. I could not let this situation go on. He looked like he was a concentration camp survivor.

‘I spoke to the police chief and it was clear that they wanted to help but did not know what to do as he was really the responsibility of Immigration Police.

‘I called up the Pattaya-Bangkok hospital and they sent an ambulance around. We cleaned him up, gave him some clothes, and he was given a medical check to show that he was alright to travel.

‘I have accepted responsibility for him and will watch him and go with him to court.

‘Just as he was leaving the local Honorary Consul Howard Miller turned up with other staff.  He said ‘Thank you for doing what we could not do.

‘He asked what organisation I belonged to. I said the organisation that read this blog on the net.

‘If I had not seen this on your blog I really believe this man would have died. When I spoke to him he was quite compos mentes.  He looked up and said to me: ‘Oh yes, I know you from television. You do very good work’ but I had never seen him ever before.

‘But then later he started talking about leprechauns and pots of gold.

‘The police were very good. They even chipped in with some of their own money to help him on his way.

‘I just want to say thank you.’

The Briton was photographed at Pattaya police station by Benny Moalfi, an activist and campaigner for prison and justice reform in Thailand who later contacted this site.

Comment: No thank YOU. You’re an absolute angel! And thank you too Benny, Alan and Jim.