Killer Thai 'Policeman Of The Year' Is In 'Supermax'

Bangkok January 11 2010

Thailand’s Department of Corrections have assured the families of a young couple murdered by Police Sergeant Somchai Wisetsingh in Kanchanaburi that the Sergeant is still behind locked doors in Khaobin ‘Supermax’ prison in Ratchaburi province.

The move follows persistent rumours on internet forums in Thailand that Sergeant Wisetsingh has been spotted at different locations in Thailand.

The assurance follows queries by Graham Arscott, the father of Vanessa Arscott, 24, who was run over by Sergeant Wisetsingh on the River Kwae Road in Kanchanaburi and September 9 2004 and then shot three times execution style.  Earlier Wisetsingh had shot dead her boyfriend Adam Lloyd, 25.

Sergeant Wisetsingh was given bail up until his trial and as a result the few direct witnesses to their shooting were scared to give evidence. But the forensic evidence was conclusive.

He pleaded not guilty saying the executions were carried out by a drugs informant called ‘Mr.Ya’ whose location details or telephone number he could not provide.  He was sentenced to two terms of life imprisonment.

Adam Lloyd and Vannessa Arscott from Devon

He escaped the death penalty on account of the fact that he had been awarded ‘Policeman of the Year’ two years running in Kanchanaburi Province.

The trial was monitored by officials of the British Embassy and the British families joined in the prosecution.

Graham Arscott with Vanessa’s sister Alyssa

Khaobin has been designated a super maximum security prison, but jammers have had to be introduced there because of the widespread use of smuggled in mobile phones used apparently by drugs dealers.

According to the Department of Corrections, with remission, Wisetsingh, is due for release in 2037. I cannot independently confirm the statement from the Department of Corrections.

Pictures: Andrew Chant