Oh the humiliation of it all. Students at Kasetsart University in Bangkok have, as this picture shows, been humiliatingly forced to wear anti-cheating helmets during exams.

This is apparently only a deterrent from copying from your next door neighbour’s paper. Cheating is getting so sophisticated nowadays that the flapping horse blinders won’t do much except put students off their exams.

To really combat cheating nowadays students might would have to under go a full body search. Still it’s not a good sign and not surprising it has now been taken down from the University website. I’d also be worried about those pencil cases or make-up bags.  Pen/Pencil/paper/ ruler and rubber only please!

Can’t they just say: ‘Don’t cheat’ and use proper invigilators and throw out those who do? Probably not. That would be just too harsh.

Wonder who the designer of these blinders was.

But no sooner had this picture gone up on the internet than the following picture from Coconuts Bangkok took Thai anti-cheating techniques ahead by a leap and a bound.

I think someone is taking the p*ss. But these are not schoolkids or University undergrads by the look of their epaulettes. Ideas?