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A Guide to the Drew Noyes allegations

Today exclusive to this website we give you the unedited,
untouched words of, er, Stan Longley, a satisfied customer of the
Pattaya company ‘One Stop Services’.

Stan, does not say what services he
received from PAPPA and One Stop run by Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu – in fact
he does not even say who he is. But he denies he is Drew Noyes.

Further we are not even sure that he exists as he has no internet footprint.
But because this represents the closest to the mindset that we know of Drew Noyes former publisher of the Pattaya Times and vexacious litigant, we have given Stan full space on this site to venture his
opinions.  Here he goes. Corrections have been added on errors of fact but no copy has been changed. But its very possible the author is capable of making more typos than we do here.

“I am a more than satisfied customer of pappa and one stop
legal services. Drew has helped thousands of people for free over the years and
I know of many. But this blog won’t publish this as proven with my last post.”

It is suggested on this one man blog that there are not any
satisfied customers. You completly took my comments out of context and only
published a very small part of what I said and making a mockery out of the
problems that David now has with his face. Very childish.

Published now Stan.  Just tell us what problems you have had solved and point us just to a few satisfied customers. Perhaps he will now take comments on his google websites.

We’re not mocking David Hanks’ face Stan.  It seems fine to us after his beauty treatment perhaps you can tell us his medical problem.

This was not the point of the post. You twisted words and
took things out of context.
Is this because you derive your pitiful earnings from the
Txxxxx Clinic and are scared they will see through your lies?

We derive our pitiful earnings from several advertisers. Most obviously support our work here.

You suggest that it was in fact Drew who wrote to you using
a fake name. I can assure you Drew does not even bother to read the rubbish you
write about him here, let alone write to you.

That’s probably why all his law suits are skewed. But why does he keep complaining about it?

He is too busy helping people and running many successful
businesses along with his charity work.

Some self delusion here perhaps? Optimists?

He would never use a fake name like all the posters on this
blog do. The same 14 idiots posting under hundreds of different names.

Are you sure? Does he not use fake names all the time. Was he not caught
out by the Wilmington Star doing so and did he not tell them ‘What man hasn’t?’ Does he not hide behind three anonymous
Google websites? In the past, according to court records and adverts  has he not described himself as a medical doctor, lawyer, and Government and Mayoral adviser?

His lawyers however do read this blog and others and are
gathering evidence for many more criminal libel cases. Those with assets are
being identified to be forfeited and those who don’t will serve jail time.

That’s good that he has finally got a lawyer who can read English. Perhaps he will now get the translations right.

He is Thailand’s most knowledable American on Thai law
having attended hundreds of hours of seminars and workshops and recently hosted
the Mayor and top judges in a law seminar at Pattaya City Hall. But again all
you do is critisize him for his work. He didn’t recieve 1 baht for this and
covered his own expenses. The people who matter were extremly grateful.

I think that claim might be contested and that the judges are on to him now though. He was
speechless last week at the FCCT when he was invited to talk about libel and
the Computer Crime Act, of which he claims he is an expert. I’ve been on aeroplanes hundreds of times. Would you want me to fly the one you are in?

One by one these few idiots are being exposed as frauds and
Drew is dealing with them one by one.

Who? Where are they being exposed as frauds?

Topper and his subzero hate site was closed down last month.

I have spoken to the person you refer to as Topper. Isn’t this the guy who Drew took to court but who Drew could not find a lawyer to represent him? Anyway he did not own that site. Nor does he own the one that has replaced it. www, The real owner closed down the szs site and I presume opened the new replacement.

 Ivan Shiffer somehow
slipped back into Thailand using fake documents but is now on the run and in
hiding although we know where he is.

Where is he? Is this the Pattaya Times reporter whom he employed illegally who was deported as an ‘over stayer’ after being shopped by a mystery person after he warned an American not to go into business with Noyes.

Same goes for Ally, Sam, the Weapon who all post using
multiple other names.

Where are they?

Fake Santa Andre’s
case was thrown out and now many others are facing criminal charges and lengthy
jail terms.

Who are? Not more people on the run, surely?

You misrepresent everything and ridicule. He did jump from
the tower and did recieve an honor from the Queen, but you show an edited video
and claim he didn’t. A blatant bare faced lie like everything else from Drum
the Bum. It can be proven in the video he did jump but you trick your gullible
readers into believing otherwise.

The video shows he chickened out of jumping. He jumped later under extreme pressure and to save face – It did not qualify him to say he was a skydiver! The honour he got from the Queen was the same honour given to a dozen other people, who paid 10,000 baht each into army coffers – including a 14-year-old boy, but in that case I guess his dad paid.

A winged Drew Noyes with other recipients – the kid’s not boasting though.

Why can you not print my entire post? Scared you will lose
the meagre amount of advertising you have?

Sure hate sells.You don’t want to print the truth, only lies
about successful business men and their families who do many good things for
Thailand and it’s wonderful people.

I think some of Thailand’s wonderful people have cottoned on to
certain ‘successful businessmen’. Hate is rather strong. Luckily I do not know Drew Noyes. Contempt might be better.

It doesn’t matter really as the important, educated Thais
know Drew and know he is a man of honor that they can trust and see all the
good work he has done over the last 16 years, and have highly decorated him.

Everyone is waiting for them to step forward in his defence and as a man of honour no doubt he will be giving many people their money back.

 I suggest your few
readers look at more reliable news sources to learn about the real Drew where
they will find the truth.

The Pattaya Times?

Drew has never been convicted of anything but here the same
lies get repeated daily, that he is a conman, that he cheats people out of
money, that he likes young girls, that he beats his wife and she provides oral
sex to foreigners, that he sells housing for poor Thais to foreigners etc. etc. *

(*Scroll down a guide to Noyes’ claimed libels and the reality)

Drew Noyes should sue over those allegations wherever he thinks they
have been made. None of those allegations are the subject of any libel charges. Why not?

All desperate, baseless claims, not true, no evidence, no
convictions. You link him to Brian, who you claim is up on trial for ‘child
rape’ but again he has not been convicted of anything but just a way to attempt
to ruin his name.

Drew Noyes linked himself to Brian Wright. He was a personal
friend and Brian Wright even helped him with his business – to one man’s US$10,000 loss.

You link him to David who you claim is linked to the Russian
and Chinese mafia but again has no convictions.

David Hanks former owner of the Masquerades Brothel in Melbourne
has been interviewed as a result of an investigation by the DSI.  Its alleged he was loaning money to Russians at the rate of 60% per month. Racketeering I believe is the correct term.

Photo-shopped by Weapon. Dumb and Dumber?

No suggestion has been made on this site
that Hanks’ trial has taken place. We linked Noyes to David? Hanks is running a company with Noyes’ ‘wife’ which he admitted in court.

You must not believe in the innocent until proven guilty
which is a requirement of real journalists. Time to put up or shut up I think.

It is an investigative journalist’s duty to investigate and
publish the result of his investigation. As a journalist Drew Noyes would possibly know that.

Luckily despite your claims of thosands of readers, in
actual reality there are very few, just another one of your tricks to gain
advertising revenue and donations for your personal gain since no reputable
media would employ you.

I’ll try not to be too much of a shrinking violet here but I have been employed by the best news organisations in the world
for most of 40 years. We still all get on fine despite Noyes’ long diatribes to editors.

Needless to say I am in regular contact with newsdesks worldwide.
Readership here has grown no need to juggle figures – check Alexa. The advertisers are rightly confident.
Today’s rank in Thailand: 258
Today’s rank in Thailand – 9431

Drew has a jounalists degree and you don’t. Drew is a real
journalist with a degree , a newspaper, magazine and book publisher and a best
selling author.

Some mistake again Stan. That’s what he shouted out in court adding ‘And I’m a member of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand’.  

Insights into criminal proceedings for Adults in Thailand by Drew Noyes

Drew went to Jefferson High and the
University of Tennessee in Knoxville – way back when. He has never practiced journalism
and to do so seems rather difficult for him, as he has shown with the Pattaya Times.  A journalism degree does not necessarily give you a job in journalism.

Personally I went into journalism through Britain’s National Council for the Training of Journalists.

His newspaper the Pattaya Times, falsely claimed a readership of 500,000 and staff of 75 before collapsing. During its
brief life it did little more than copy stories on the net, announce a cure for
AIDS, Thaksin Shinawatra’s death, and promised to solve the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. 

Noyes’ ‘editor’ Chris Stanley resigned over this story writing to Noyes to tell him:

 “I am not working on any further fabrication of this ‘story’. You compromised my integrity in a way which is totally unacceptable. If this is your chosen style of journalism it is better that I am not part of it.  

“The paper is a knee jerk process which lurches from one crisis to the next and moves nothing forward at all while any attempt to change anything falls on condescending or deaf ears. Sorry to be so blunt but that is the reality.”

No more than 5000 copies were ever published fortnightly. His gay magazine died. What was his best
selling book – not the one (above) on libel with the Chief Judge of Chonburi was it?

 Total fiction in the Pattaya Times spoofed by his own staff.

You are nothing but claim to have a ‘prestigous’ award, so
much so that nobody else has one.  An
award for being a wanker. You just make it up as you go. A great load of
bullshit.  You are a nobody with a one
man blog and your envy of Drew is rather sad.  Why not try to do good things for Thailand
like Drew, instead of trying to cut down successful, wealthy achievers?

 ‘ Wanker?’ isn’t that a word used by the Pattaya Times. We hope we are doing good things for Thailand but we do not trumpet it here. Below ‘Drum the Bum’ again – That’s a Drewism isn’t it?
A Flying Sporran ‘Right to Reply’ 

You claim that you do not edit posts, that you can not.
Again another of Drum the Bum’s barefaced lies. You did to my last post and
that is a FACT. Why not disclose tis to your reader..

I suggest you stop writing these lies as Drew is very well
connected and although Drew won’t bother, other influential people won’t stand
by and let you attack him and others.

In Thailand 3 things matter, honesty and
integrity, secondly, money, which Drew has more than you could ever imagine and
thirdly who you know, and Drew is personal friends with everyone who matters.

Oh no, not the influential friends again. It’s been three
years and I’m guessing they will continue to stand by. He’s begged enough people to help.

Finally Stan – if Drew Noyes is indeed wealthy perhaps he could return the cash of British pensioner Kenny Blundell whose divorce he mishandled. Or maybe the 2.5 million to Theo van der schaaf etc., etc. There’s a long list.

Kenny handed over 340, 000 baht to Drew and Wanrapa for this service.  Now he has found that in an uncontested divorce he is, er, would you believe still married.  Noyes’ lawyers submitted his name wrongly!

On December 4th Drew Noyes faces cross examination in Pattaya Provincial Court in the van der schaaf case… over his ‘extra charges’.

This email, headed 340,000 BAHT AND NO DIVORCE  was copied to us yesterday and is Kenny’s latest demand to Philip Venne, one of Noyes’ staff workers. Kenny has spent over a year’s worth of British  Government pension with Noyes. Now he has to go to court again – and this time, after hearing of Noyes’s expensive charges – his wife is now contesting!

Hi! Phillip why have you not got in touch with me to say you have a date for me to go to court. My wife said she got a date to go in February. Why cant i go and change my name. I cant understand why this is so difficult. I am coming to the office on Sat to collect all of my papers which they should be translated by now into English.  This is what Miss Wanrapa Boonsu said to me when we went to court way back in july what am i paying for thi would have been settled in the uk by now All i want is my divorce is that to much to ask for i have not receive one piece of paper from you for my divorce streast (stressed) out now ! Kenneth


A Guide to the Drew Noyes allegations

Drew Noyes cheats people:  This allegation has been made by numerous people. He is currently in court in Pattaya for extortion and cheating a customer. In the US he has a US$72000 judgement against his New England company of which he has sole responsibility. This is for selling bogus shares.
Drew Noyes likes young girls. This is Drew Noyes paranoia. The allegation has not been made on this site.
Drew Noyes’ wife provides oral sex to foreigners: Drew Noyes paranoia. The allegations has not been made. He has been accused of firing a member of staff in the U.S. after she refused to provide an oral sex service – source Wilmington Morning Star. He also acquired the rights to the domain which he passed on to Andrew Drummond.
Drew Noyes beats his wife: These allegations have not been given any credence on this site. However some years ago he accused another Pattaya publisher of beating his wife and the publisher retaliated by making the same comment about Noyes and his wife.
Drew Noyes sells to foreigners housing built for poor Thais.  This allegation has been made. He has sold units in the National Housing Authority to foreigners, charging inflated prices, which buying them on almost interest free loans. Two units he sold at five times their real value. This is subject to litigation.

Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu have so far lost six libel and Computer Crime Act cases brought against Andrew Drummond, Brian Goudie (Goldie) has lost two. Noyes failed to turn up with lawyers to prosecute the alleged administrator of subzerosiam, Goudie failed to turn up to prosecute libel and Computer Crime against Andrew Drummond, sending David Hanks in his place.

The examinations of Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu for fraud brought by Theo van der Schaaf should end in December and a trial date given. The trial of Noyes and Boonsu for extortion sits again this month.

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Andrew Drummond is a British independent journalist and occasional television documentary maker. He is a former Fleet Street, London, journalist having worked at the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, News of the World, Observer and The Times.

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