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‘I like young girls. My girls’s 19, but she’s legal. How old is yours?’  

Bangkok’s most famous foreign ‘lawyer’ talks OF perverts in the Land of Smiles – But what is he putting his hands up to in this blurry video frame? 

Well here’s a clue. It’s not the girl.

She ditched him when her parents read and she read this site.  Look for the clue and find out next week on how his stories caught up on him.

Plus Thailand’s ATM skimming scammers. 

How can you protect yourself?  Well you really have to be alert? And don’t expect much help from the banks. Find out why on We had to hold this story for legal reasons – but now we are free to reveal.

Plus of course the news behind the news on a week when Thailand is going to the…we’ll lets wait and see. 

But first lets get ‘Children’s Day’ over.

I predict there will be no tanks.I have weaned my 4 year old Matthew off Barbie dolls and make-up games and onto guns.

But now I’m being told on the BBC I’m a bad dad.

They can rest assured that Matthew likes to play the guy who gets shot and although he ‘dies’ spectacularly he does not get this from his father.